How to Get Rob Gronkowski and Prepare for Madden 23 Ultimate Team's Upcoming Events?

Madden 23 Ultimate Team has been a thrilling and exciting journey so far, But the next few days will be crucial if you want to stay ahead of the game. This week, players have a few days to get their hands on Rob Gronkowski before the season pass expires. Players must also prepare for the upcoming Team of the Year and Ultimate Legends releases. Here's how to get Rob Gronkowski and prepare for the forthcoming events.




1. Get Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is a must-have card in Madden Ultimate Team, and players have just a few days left to get him before the season pass expires. Gronkowski has fantastic run blocking, great speed, and the height to catch almost anything. He also has a motivator boost which makes him even more valuable. Players must get Gronkowski before the season pass expires in six days.


2. Complete Season Pass Objectives

Players can get some extra XP for Gronkowski by completing objectives for the season pass. Players should also do the sets, solo challenges, pass for yards, and complete daily challenges to get XP to unlock Gronkowski. Players should also get the NFL Combine Strat Pack to get boosts for their combined players.


3. Do the Old Man and Special Player Set

Players need Rob Gronkowski, Casper, and Dion to do the Old Man and Special Player Set. EA hasn't revealed the special player yet, but it will likely be announced this Wednesday. Doing this set will give players an extra player, and it's a great way to get MUT 23 coins.


4. Complete Team of the Week Solos

Players should complete the Team of the Week Solos before the Team of the Year release next Thursday. Completing the solos will give players a free Team of the Year player. EA hasn't revealed the player's details yet, but it could be a 98 overall or even higher.


5. Get Ultimate Legends Tokens

Players should also complete the Ultimate Legends solo challenges to get Ultimate Legends tokens. Players can get two free 97+ overall Ultimate Legends from the tokens. Players should also pick up the Ultimate Legends LTDs to get even more tokens.


6. Get AK, The New Class Player

A free AK, The New Class player, will also be released in the next few weeks. Players should complete the AK The New Class solos to get the player.


7. Watch the Training Market

Finally, players should be sure to watch the training market. EA has removed the Training Variety Packs, and it's still being determined when they will return. If the Training Variety Packs return, the market will adjust accordingly, and players should be sure to buy or sell Training.



In conclusion, Madden 23 Ultimate Team is full of exciting and thrilling content that players should take advantage of while they can. Players should get Rob Gronkowski before the season pass expires, complete season pass objectives, do the Old Man and Special Player set, complete Team of the Week solos, get Ultimate Legends tokens, get the AK The New Class player, and watch the training market. Doing all these things will ensure players can stay on top of the game and take advantage of all that Ultimate Team offers.

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