2K's Neglect of Players' Accomplishments: A Frustration with All-Star Rewards

The latest installment of the NBA 2K franchise has come and gone, and fans of the series are feeling a mixture of emotions. Many are disappointed in the decisions made by 2K23 regarding the all-star weekend rewards. Although NBA players Damian Lillard, Buddy Hield, and Jason Tatum all won awards, they were not rewarded in the game. Instead, 2K gave players a 'Mystery Player' card, which does not exist in the game. 



Examining the "Mystery Player" Card and Other 2K Rewards

Many have argued that the 'Mystery Player' card was a waste of an all-star reward and that 2K should have rewarded the players for their achievements. For instance, when LeBron James broke the all-time scoring record, 2K gave him nothing regarding rewards. This has frustrated many players, as they feel their accomplishments are not recognized. 


2K Criticized for Handling of All-Star Rewards in NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K20

Players have also criticized 2K for the way they have handled all-star rewards in the past. For example, in NBA 2K19, when LeBron James achieved two moments-worthy games, 2K gave players two cards with a 95 overall rating. However, the current version of the game sees players given a Pink Diamond with a 98 overall rating. 


2K's Decision to Give Away a 'Mystery Player' Card Rather Than Reward

The fact that 2K has chosen to reward players with a 'Mystery Player' card rather than reward the players who achieved something special has frustrated many. Players feel that 2K should have given the rewards to the players who achieved something special such as LeBron James, rather than giving away a card that does not exist in the game. 



2K's decision to ignore players' accomplishments in the game has disappointed many. Players feel their accomplishments should be recognized, rewarded, and not swept under the rug. 2K need to take their players' achievements more seriously, and 2K23 rewards them accordingly rather than ignoring them.

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