A Detailed Guide To Timing Impact Misconceptions in NBA 2K23

Timing Impact, often abbreviated as TI, is a feature that affects the make percentage of a shot. Many players believe that the better the grade on your timing impact, the better the boost you get for your shot, regardless of the situation. However, this is only sometimes the case, and understanding how it works is essential for getting the most out of this feature in NBA 2K23.

In this guide, we'll discuss the major misconceptions about timing impact, correct them and give you more ideas on how timing impact works.



The Risks and Rewards of Timing Impact

First, look at the definition 2K gave us before the game's release. They said that timing impact adjusts the short windows to reward good timing at the cost of an increased penalty for lousy timing. If you do not time your shot well, your make percentage can be negatively affected. This was further backed up by a statement on Reddit, in which it stated that having an A-time effect could make players less stable.

This indicates that while having an A+ timing impact can benefit some situations, there are better options than this one. An F timing impact could have better results than an A. This is because having a higher grade timing impact is a high-risk, high reward. If you time your shot well, you can benefit from the boost, but you could be punished with a lower make percentage if you don't.

  • Highter Grade = High-Risk, Hight-Reward
  • Lower Grade = Medium-Risk, Medium-Reward


High-Grad and Low-Grade Timing Impact

On the other hand, having a lower grade timing impact is a medium-risk, medium-reward situation. You won't receive as much punishment for missing your timing, but you also won't have as high of a make percentage as when you have a higher grade timing impact.

If you trust your timing game, you should opt for a higher grade timing impact. However, a lower-grade timing impact is better if you need more confidence.

  • Highter Grade = High-Risk, Hight-Reward
  • Lower Grade = Medium-Risk, Medium-Reward

It's also important to remember that the difference between high-level and low-level time effects is more minor than you might think. Tests have shown that, even if you time your shot perfectly, the difference in make percentage between an A and an F timing impact is only around 5%. That is roughly equivalent to one bronze shooting badge.

Finally, when creating your proven jumpshot, you should focus more on shot speed, release height, and defensive immunity than on timing impact. These factors will have a much more significant impact on the make percentage of your shot than the timing impact.



Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand better timing impact and how it affects the game. If you have any questions, let us know what you think about time effects in the comments!

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