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EZWTB Blog offers freelance writing gigs for skilled gamers, provided the content is well-written and compelling. If you're looking for freelance writing work that deals specifically with your favorite game, we want to talk to you! You may find it tough to come by work gigs that cater to your favorite game if you haven't been published much on the subject. Luckily, EZWTB Blog is looking for writers who have published content on a specific game and have experience in the field of study.



How to Write for Us Works

  1. Find your game: We have a wide range of games on which we are looking for content. If you don't see your favorite game, don't worry! We are constantly expanding our selection.
  2. Write a compelling article: Once you have found a game you would like to write about, it's time to start your essay. Keep in mind that we are looking for well-written and compelling content.
  3. Submit your article: Once you have finished it, submit it to us for review. If it meets our guidelines, we will publish it on our site!

Writing GIG

We are looking for experienced NBA 2K, FIFA, and Madden players who are interested in a writing job and meet the following requirements:

  1. A skilled writer with a background in SEO content creation.
  2. Over 200 Hours of NBA 2K, FIFA, and Madden gameplay.
  3. In-depth knowledge of NBA 2K, FIFA, and Madden and the ability to condense their game knowledge into guides and overviews.


If you already have this much gaming experience, why not put your knowledge into practice and make money? Contact the form below for more information.