How to Have Perfect Pass Protection in Madden 23?

Pass protection is one of the key elements to success in Madden 23. With proper protection, quarterbacks can quickly become overwhelmed and able to make the plays necessary to win games. To ensure your pass protection is at its best, there are several tactics you can use. This article will provide an overview of the best pass protection tip in the game and show you how to use it.




Using ID the Mike and Slide Protection

The best pass protection tip in Madden 23 is to use a combination of ID, the Mike and Slide Protection. This strategy will help you block the best blitzes in the game, allowing your quarterback time to make the necessary reads and decisions. 

To use this tip, you should first identify the blitzing player. This can be done by looking for the player furthest away from the quarterback and the running back. Once you have identified the blitzing player, you should slide protect away from the running back. 

This will tell the offensive line to block all players to the right or left of the quarterback, depending on the side the running back is on. If the running back is on the left, you should slide protect to the right.


A Necessary Step for a Successful Offensive Play

Finally, you should ID Mike. This will tell the running back to block the player furthest away from the quarterback. If you have done this correctly, your offensive line should pick up all the players on the quarterback's right or left, except for Mike, who the running back should pick up. This should allow your quarterback plenty of time to make the necessary reads and decisions to complete a pass.


Mastering the Best Blitzes for Protection and Success

Using this tip, you should be able to pick up the best blitzes in Madden 23 and give your quarterback the extra time needed to make the right plays. Remember that this technique can be used in any formation, but it is best to use it from gun formations as it is easier to control which player the running back blocks. Additionally, you can use this technique to pick up other defenses, such as the dollar spinner.



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