How to make the most of the top 5 offense in Madden 23?

Madden 23 is one of the most popular football video games ever. Players have earned over one million dollars playing the game, and it's easy to see why. The game features some of the best offenses, and knowing how to utilize them can be a huge advantage. In this article, we'll look at the top 5 offenses in Madden 23 and how to make the most out of them.




Tampa Bay Buccaneer Offense

Starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense, the Bucs have one of the best offenses in the game. Their gun type gives you access to some of the best plays like Pa Bucks, Cross, and Buck Seems and plays that can't be found in other playbooks. The play Bucks Post is a completely stock universal beater, and it's great against both Cover 3 and man defense.

It puts the user in conflict, with a quick out route to the sideline and a post route coming open on the left side. If the user goes to guard the tight end, then the inverted zig on the back side of the play will open over the middle for a huge gain.


New England Patriots Offense

The New England Patriots offense is one of the most balanced in the game, with access to formations like a gun bunch, why off trips, Pats and Trips Tight End. Two key plays from Trips Tight End are Pats Y-In and the Play Verticals. Pats Y-In is a great man-beater who consistently gets you 5-10 yards against any man coverage.

The Play Verticals is one of the best zone beaters in the game. Against Cover 3, you can throw a quick pass to your running back, or if they have hard flats, you can hit your Y receiver for a big gain. Against Cover 2, you can throw to either your X receiver or your Y receiver for a big gain or a one-play touchdown.


Colt Offense

The Colt's offense is another one of the top offenses in Madden 23. Henry, the number one player in the world, used the formation Tight Slots Halfback Week from Colt's offense to win two MCS tournament belts in Madden 23. Two simple plays that are very difficult to stop are Flood and Mesh Spot.

Flood is a universal beater with a simple setup. Against Cover 3, the quick throw to the running back is the first read. You can hit your Y receiver for a big gain if they have hard flats. Against man coverage, everyone wins, and you can get an easy dot for easy yards. Mesh Spot is another great zone beater that works against Cover 3, Cover 2, and Hard Flats. You can throw against Cover 3 with hard flats to your Y receiver for a big gain or a one-play touchdown.


Washington Commanders Offense

The Washington Commanders' offense in Madden 23 is one of the game's most powerful and versatile offenses. It has access to various formations like Gun Type and Gun Bunch, allowing players to attack any defense their opponents throw. One of the most powerful plays is Clear Out FLN, which can beat any zone defense.

By putting the B receiver on a corner route and blocking the running back, the Washington Commanders' offense can attack the deep third of the defense and put them in conflict, forcing them to stay in the deep zone or come down to guard the slant route. The A receiver can also attack the middle of the field, creating a high-low situation with the Y and B receivers.

The Washington Commanders' offense also has access to the Bunch Trail formation, which can be used to beat any defense. By streaking the B receiver, the offense can get huge gains against Cover 2 Man, as the B and RB receivers will torch their defenders for huge gains. Additionally, Bunch Trail can beat Cover 3, as the B receiver can push the deep third down the field, allowing for an easy throw to the A receiver or the RB on the sideline.


New Orleans Saints Offense

Finally, the New Orleans Saints offense is arguably the best in Madden 23, as it can be used to attack any defense. In the Gun Tight Offset TE 01 Trap formation, the All One Trap play can be used to get huge yards against the popular Cover 2 Man defense.

By double-teaming the nose tackle and blocking the running back, the offense can gain huge ground gains. Additionally, the play Saints can be used to attack any man's defense, as it has a variety of route combinations that can be used to get wide-open receivers. If the defense plays Cover 1 Man, the offense can even call a simple streak route to the B receiver for a huge play.



This guide features five of the game's best offences, each with unique playbooks and strategies. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer's offense is great for attacking man defense, the New England Patriots' offence is great for beating zone coverage, Colt's offense has two key plays that make it difficult to stop, and the Washington Commanders' offense can attack any defense. The New Orleans Saints offense can be used to attack both man and zone coverage. With the right strategy and knowledge of the game, players can make the most out of these five offenses in Madden 23 and take their game to the next level.

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