How to Maximize Value Before TVP Leaves the Madden 23 Market?

The Madden 23 market is about to get wild as the Training Value Pack (TVP) leaves the store in two days and 21 hours. This pack allows players to turn trading points into mut coins, which is why it has the power to change the prices of cards in the market drastically. This is especially true if the market goes below the value of the TVP, as players can buy cards for training and still make a profit.


Strategy for Transitioning from Non-LTDs to LTDs in a Flat Market

For the past month, the market has been flatlining since the TVP was introduced, and this is expected to continue when it leaves. My strategy is to transition from players that aren't LTDs to cards that are LTDs. LTDs have a price floor of 400,000 coins, meaning the card can always stay above that price. This ensures the card will be valued even when the TVP leaves the store.



Strategies for Buying and Selling LTDs in Ultimate Team

Another strategy is to sell off cards that aren't LTDs and pick up ones that are. For example, I sold JJ Watt for 430,000 coins and picked up Aaron Donald for 450,000. Already Watt's price has dropped to 300,000 and will likely continue to drop.



Selling Patrick Mahomes Card and Upgrading to Aaron Rodgers for Better Value

Finally, I'm selling off my Patrick Mahomes card, as he isn't an LTD and is currently dropping in price drastically. Since he is not an LTD, his price will continue to drop when the TVP leaves the store. I'm replacing him with Aaron Rodgers, as he is a better QB and will save coins by making the upgrade.



These strategies help players maximize the value of their teams when the TVP leaves the store. It's important to make changes now, as the market may need more time to crash later. These strategies will help you make the most of the TVP leaving the store. Good luck!

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