How to Stopping Corner Routes in Madden NFL 23?

Corner routes can be difficult to defend in Madden 23, but with the right positioning of your safeties, you can make it much easier. Match coverage is a great way to shut down many popular meta in competitive Madden, but knowing how to position your safeties properly is key. This guide will discuss how to effectively position your safeties to defend corner routes in Madden 23.




1. Set Up Match Coverage

The first step to defending corner routes is to set up match coverage. Match coverage is based on landmarks and will convert to man-to-man when a vertical attacking threat enters the area. To make this tip work, it is best to disguise your coverage. You can call quarters, but consider setting up a base alignment. 


2. Adjust Safety Positioning

The positioning of your safety will make a huge difference when you are playing match coverage. When facing a bunch or tight set, you want to move your safety down a step or two. This will help to close the gap between your safety and the receiver running the corner route. This will make it easier for your safety to stay with the route and make a play on the ball.


3. Utilize Pass Lead Elite

When your opponent is using a gunslinger quarterback, you can use pass lead elite to freeform the ball over the head of your safety and away from any animation coverage. This will help to prevent your opponent from completing the corner route.



By following these steps, you can stop corner routes in Madden 23. Properly positioning your safeties allows you to shut down many of the popular meta in competitive play. 

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