How to use game changers to upgrade tokens in Madden 23?

Getting and using Game Changer Upgrade Tokens in Madden NFL 23 is a great way to enhance the abilities of your team's players. This guide will review how to get and use these tokens and their benefits. 




How to Get Upgrade Tokens?

The best way to get Upgrade Madden 23 Tokens is by playing Solo Challenges. At the top of the main menu, you'll find the "Game Changers" section. Four sections of solos feature 498 overall champions from this promo. After you beat these solos, you'll earn milestone stars. The first reward you'll earn is the Game Changer Strategy Item. This item gives you +1 to speed and +2 to acceleration, hit power, throw power, zone and man coverage, run and pass block, and short and deep route running. 

  • You can also earn Upgrade Tokens from House Rules. At Level 3, you'll get your first token; at Level 5, you'll get your second one. However, these tokens are in high demand, so you may encounter some tough opponents. 
  • You can also get Upgrade Tokens from an Upgrade Set. This requires 390 overall cards from the Game Changers Program. You can only do this set once. 
  • You can also get Upgrade Tokens from a 90+ overall Game Changer Player Pack. This requires tokens, which you can get from daily objectives. This pack can be done twice. 


How to Use Upgrade Tokens?

Once you have Upgrade Tokens, you can unlock zero AP abilities on any of the 98 overall cards from this promo. Justin Herbert, Josh Jacobs, Tyson Campbell, Derek Brown, and CD Land (an LTD) are the only six cards you can use these tokens on. 

To use an Upgrade Token, go to the Upgrade Path for the card you want to upgrade. The first step will cost five training. The second step will say, "Add the Game Changer Upgrade Token to unlock a custom ability bucket with an extra zero AP ability." Without the token, the final ability bucket will be locked. 

Once you add the token, you can access the final ability bucket. Gunslinger and Fearless will both be available for zero AP. You'll also have access to all the other ability buckets, and Gunslinger will still be available for zero AP. 

For the second to last bucket, you should choose Hot Rod Master and Pass Lead Elite instead of Gunslinger, as they are more powerful. With Hot Rod Master, Past Lead Elite and Gunslinger, Justin Herbert will have the best combo of abilities and cost 3 AP. With this combination, he will be the best quarterback in the game. 



Upgrade Tokens are a great way to get an edge in MUT 23. With these tokens, you can unlock zero AP abilities on your Game Changer players, giving them an extra boost. Use this guide to help you get and use these tokens effectively.

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