How to Use Mind Reader Strategic Items to Maximize Defensive Performance in Madden 23?

Madden 23 is all about utilizing the best possible strategy items to maximize the performance of your players. With extraordinary, powerful abilities, making the right choices when equipping your players is essential. This guide will discuss the benefits of using Mind Reader strategic items on the defensive end.




Why are Safeties Key to Success?

The Mind Reader is one of the best defensive items. This item enhances your safeties' awareness and plays recognition ratings, making them smarter on the field. As a result, your defense will perform better, and you can play safeties at the corner, making you stronger against the run.


Maximize the Benefits of the Mind Reader Item

It is essential to have a strong secondary to get the most out of the Mind Reader item. While you can set up your secondary however you want, it is recommended that you use safeties as your primary players. This is because safeties have high ratings in the man and zone coverage areas, making them versatile and adaptable to different situations.


Here's an example of how to set up a secondary device:

  • Derwin James (Cornerback)
  • Jesse Bates (Cornerback)
  • Eric Berry (Nickel Corner)
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick (Strong Safety)
  • Leon Sandcastle (Free Safety)
  • Ryan Neal (Linebacker)
  • Tariq Wallen (Linebacker)


The Importance of Safeties and Mind Reader Items

As you can see, this setup features nothing but safeties, which allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the Mind Reader item. Derwin James is an excellent example of the type of player you should look for when using this item. He has 99 speed, 99 play recognition (boosted by the Mind Reader card), 96-man coverage, 99 zone coverage, insane hit power, good strength, and a catch rating of 99. With these attributes, James is a freakishly-sized corner with exceptional mental traits.


The Importance of Play Recognition

Other players on the team also have high ratings in the man and zone coverage areas, making them valuable assets to your defense. In particular, play recognition and awareness are crucial attributes that significantly impact your defence's performance

It is important to note that many pro players may argue that these ratings matter less than height and speed, but this is only partially accurate. The play recognition rating is essential to your defense's success, as it impacts how your players react to different situations on the field.



Using Mind Reader strategy items on the defensive end of the ball is a great way to increase safety awareness and game acceptance. Using a strong secondary primarily of safeties, you can take advantage of this item's benefits and create a versatile and adaptable defense. Remember, play recognition and awareness are crucial attributes that will significantly impact your defense's success. With the right setup, the Mind Reader item can help take your defense to the next level in Madden 23.

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