Madden 23 Builds: How to create the best WR for the Face of The Franchise

At Madden 23, through extensive research, we found that wide receiver builds should focus on attributes that allow players to catch the ball more efficiently and gain yards after the catch. Unlike QB builds, To create the best catcher, you must focus on important player attributes such as catch, speed, acceleration, agility and bounce. In addition, mental attributes such as increased awareness, running, mental quality, consideration awareness, and route running can all help your players find openings in the defense and arun the most efficient routes to get open. In this article, we have compiled the best WR builds for the Face of the franchise in Madden 23.






Here are the key attributes needed to build the best WR in Madden 23:

Position WR
Height 5'10"
Weight 180 lbs
Physique Agile
Prioritized Skills Pocket Presence, Route Running, and throw on the run 
X-Factor Mossed
Total skill points for max 71
Superstar Skills Red Zone Threat, Deep Out Elite, and Speed



Strengths & Weaknesses


Many wide receivers have high-speed ratings, which allows them to stretch the field and create big plays. A high agility rating allows wide receivers to make sharp cuts and create separation from defenders. Good catching ability is essential for a wide receiver, as it allows them to secure passes and keep drives alive. Wide receivers with good elusiveness and agility can pick up extra yards after the catch by making defenders miss.


Many wide receivers are smaller and may need help against larger, more physical defenders. Wide receivers may not be as strong or physical as other positions and may struggle in blocking situations. Wide receivers may be more prone to injury due to the physical nature of their position. Some wide receivers may have lower awareness or route running ratings, which can impact their ability to open and find holes in the defense.


Overall, the strengths and weaknesses of a wide receiver will depend on their ratings and attributes. It's important to understand your players' specific strengths and weaknesses and use them appropriately.





A wide receiver's size affects their attributes and ratings in Madden 23, so it's important to consider a player's size when deciding how to use them on the field. The fastest and best wide receivers have quick bodies. Due to their lighter weight and smaller size, they can punch through everyone, but expect them only to break a few tackles as they tend to trip over pretty quickly. Elusiveness and the ability to make amazing athletic catches are good ways to counter it. Wideouts and Agile Physiques can be easy targets but very challenging to contain.



Build Skills


Face of the Franchise uses skill groupings that reflect at least one unique ability. Each individual talent included in that set is boosted when a skill set is levelled. The initial skill level will change according to the current player's physical attributes.


Players can upgrade to level 99, but the personal skill level can only reach the player's current physique. Skill points are awarded for goal achievement, in-game challenges, and side activities. Level up your player according to your play style and player type. Players can get a sneak peek at how their ratings will change overall by highlighting additional skill points.


Here's the ideal build of skill points to invest in your quarterback:

Maximum skill points for Catch 15 Skill Points 
Maximum skill rating  95
Maximum skill points for Catch in Traffic 15 Skill Points 
Maximum skill rating 95
Maximum skill points for Spectacular Catch 15 Skill Points 
Maximum skill rating 95
Maximum skill points for Route Running 9 Skill Points 
Maximum skill rating 95
Maximum skill points for Elusive Running 9 Skill Points 
Maximum skill rating 90
Maximum skill points for Power Running 9 Skill Points 
Maximum skill rating 72



Superstar Abilities & X-Factors


As the game level increases, skills can also be used. Only Yard supports Yard functionality. All unlockable abilities are listed here: 


X-Factors level 2
  • YAC 'Em Up
  • RAC' Em Up
  • Mossed
Abilities 1 is unlocked at the 5th Level
  • Deep In Elite
  • Mid In Elite
  • Deep Out Elite.
Abilities 2 are unlocked at 10th Level
  • Grab-N-Go
  • Red Zone Threat
  • Slot-O-Matic
Abilities 3 are unlocked at the 15th Level
  • Jump
  • Strength
  • Speed
The Yard is unlocked at the 20th Level
  • Tackle
  • Pass Precision
  • Throw Strength
99 Club are unlocked at 30th Level
  • Catch in Traffic
  • Spectacular Catch
  • Catching


X-Factor Mossed On aggressive catches of 55+ yards, Mossed is all but guaranteed success. Randy Moss, the greatest deep threat in NFL history, is honoured to have this skill named after him. This is an obvious addition to the build.
Ability 1 Deep out Elite Deep Out Elite improves a player's ability to catch long passes well beyond the stats. Depth passes are usually not played into the center of the pitch but along the sidelines. A major source of deep-threat receiver success comes from capturing flightlines.
Ability 2 Red Zone Threat

Red zone threats enhance capture in red zones compared to single coverage. Defenders may use man screens to stop underpasses and runs despite the short field. As a result, deep-threat receivers will have a significant speed advantage within a coverage area.

Ability 3 Jump Jump adds 5 points to your Gamer Rating. This will give your WR an extra acrobatic boost in jump ball scenarios.
Yard Pass Accuracy  When using Agile Physique, the improvement in pass accuracy rating is perfect. The build's speed and athleticism complement each other when set up as a defense or quarterback.
99 Club Spectacular Catch Players can try to highlight catches and increase the likelihood of success by using Spectacular Catch. For a 50/50 pitch deep threat receiver, this is ideal.



Possession Abilities


X-Factor Rac' Em Up The RAC' Em Up ability increases the likelihood of receiving the ball when facing single coverage. The ball-handling receivers make up for what they lack in breaking speed with great touch and running skills.
Ability 1 Elite In-Depth

Deep In Elite improves players' ability to catch deep passes in range. Possession receivers often run routes in the middle of the field. The greatest game to take advantage of this talent is post and route.

Ability 2 Slot-O-Matic Slot-O-Matic enables better cutting and captures on short slot paths. While ball handlers spend most of their time in the open, deep-threat receivers typically line the perimeter. This ability enhances the type's innate skills. When used in conjunction with Deep In Elite, the player's skill is enhanced in each area of the field.
Ability 3 Quickness  When your players speed up, their Speed Rating is increased by 5. This will provide greater separation on defense after the initial action and more yardage just after the catch.
Yard Throw Power

The Strength of the balanced body could be better. This power increases the power to 84. This will help when lining up as a quarterback in field mode.

99 Club Catch In Traffic

Catchers are known for having great hands and not being afraid of crowds. With this talent, you can increase your wide receiver skill level to a maximum of 97. This wide receiver is a perfect match for this situation.



Tight End Abilities


X-Factor Yac' Em Up This Yac' Em Up skill increases the likelihood of breaking the tackle after the initial catch. Tight ends come in many sizes but are usually not the fastest athletes on the field. This skill takes advantage of the size of the Bruiser Physique.
Ability 1 Mid In Elite

Tight ends don't often serve as primary receivers and only sometimes run similar routes as wide receivers. Mid In Elite improves the ability to catch any mid-range pass in range. This area is the tight end for most of his routes.

Ability 2 Grab-N-Go Tight ends often return and curl routes before stopping to collect passes. Grab-N-Go has an advantage in these situations by enabling faster steering and direction changes after RAC capture.
Ability 3 Strength rating This increases your player's Strength Rating by 5 points. The big tight end often has to fight huge opponents at the line of scrimmage. If their Strength increases, they may roll away from defenders and get into their lane more easily.
Yard Tackle

For Bruiser Physique, increasing Tackle and Hit Power to 84 is an ideal addition to Yard. Due to their size, they tend to overwhelm their opponents.

99 Club Catching

Although used to a greater extent as a receiver, the tight end also has other responsibilities. This skill increases the rating in this domain by 4 points.



How do you reset Abilities & Skill Points?

In Madden 23, you can reset a player's abilities and skill points using a "Reset Token." Reset tokens can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money.

  • To use a reset token, go to the player's abilities screen and select the "Reset" button. This will allow you to redistribute the player's abilities and skill points as you see fit.
  • It's important to note that reset tokens are a limited resource, so you'll want to use them wisely. Consider the role you want the player to play and allocate their abilities and skill points accordingly.
  • Remember that resetting a player's abilities and skill points will not change their overall rating or base attributes. It will only allow you to redistribute your allocated points to their abilities and skills.



Madden 23: What are some tips for creating WR builds?

  • Tip 1: Look for players with high speed, acceleration, and agility ratings. These attributes will help your receiver get open and create separation from defenders.
  • Tip 2: Look for players with good ratings in catching, catching in traffic, and spectacular catches. These attributes help your receiver make tough catches and hold the ball.
  • Tip 3: Consider the player's size and strength ratings, especially if you want a receiver who can fight for contested catches or break tackles after the catch.
  • Tip 4: Choose a player with good route-running ratings if you want a receiver who can run precise routes and create separation with his movement.
  • Tip 5: Look for players with good jumping and spectacular catch ratings if you want a receiver who can excel at making acrobatic catches.




Overall, Creating a wide receiver build in Madden 23 is very important as it allows you to customize your players to fit your play style and the role you want them to play on your team. The key to success as a wide receiver is to focus on your strengths and do everything you can to help your team win. This might mean making big plays down the field, picking up key first downs, or simply doing the little things (such as blocking or contributing to special teams) to help your team succeed.

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