Make Coins in Madden 23 Ultimate Team: Strategies for Maximal Profit

Making coins in Madden 23 Ultimate Team can be intimidating, especially for those new to the game. Fortunately, there are some relatively safe ways to make mut coins without risk. The Super Bowl set is a great way to start. In this guide, we will share strategies for safely Making coins in Madden NFL 23.




Maximizing Profit with 7,000-8,000 Coin Sets

This set requires between 7,000-8,000 coins to build, and you can redeem them for a 5,000 coins maximum. This set consists of 184 to 85 and 382 through 83s. With this set, you can profit up to 2,200 coins each time you build it. 


Building a Profit with Campus Hero Part 2

Campus Hero Part 2 is another set that can be profitable, although it requires more coins than the Super Bowl set. You must spend around 90,000 coins to build this set; some of these cards sell for 120k or more. For example, if you build Marlon Humphries and sell him for 15k coins, you’ll make a nice profit. 


Make Coins with the Gold Player Bundle

The Gold Player Bundle is another way to make coins. This bundle costs 36k coins; you get over 16 cards, averaging 2,300 coins per pack. Greedy Williams is a 79 overall card that sells for 3,300 coins or more. You can also save the 84s and use them to build the Super Bowl set for zero coins. 


How to Make Coins by Entering Playbook Sets in Madden 23 Ultimate Team?

You can also make coins by putting players in Playbook sets. With as little as a 74 overall card, you can enter the random Playbook set and make coins. You can also find other Playbook sets in the Training Offers. For example, the Offensive Playbook Fantasy Pack costs 250 Training, and you can get up to 46 Training by quickly selling low gold cards.



Making coins in Madden 23 Ultimate Team can be a great way to get the cards you need for your team. By following the sets described above, you can make coins without risking too much of your coins. Good luck!

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