A detailed guide to building a team using 89 icon upgrades in FIFA 23

Building a FIFA 23 squad can be a thrilling and gratifying pursuit, but it cannot be very safe if you don't have the right know-how. This guide will give you the tools to assemble an elite squad with 89 icon upgrades. You'll be able to construct a team that is unique in nationality and style, and you'll be able to bring in some of the greatest players available.



Step 1: Decide Your Team's Nationality

The first step in creating a team is deciding what nationality you want your team to be. You can use the 89 icon upgrades to decide which nationality you want your team to be. It would help if you used the nationality of the icon upgrade you get in each position (defense, midfield, and attack). For example, you must use Dutch players in the defense if you get a Dutch icon upgrade.


Step 2: Choose the Players for Each Position

Once you have decided on the nationality for your team, you need to choose the players for each position. It would help if you looked at each players ratings, stats, and overall style to decide which ones best fit your team. You should also consider the chemistry between the players and the team's overall balance.


Step 3: Put Together a Starting Squad and Bench

Once you have chosen the players for each position, you must assemble a starting squad and a bench. The starting squad should consist of the best players for each position, and the bench should consist of players who can provide cover in case of injury or suspension. Having a good mix of attacking and defensive players would be best.


Step 4: Compete in Matches

Once you have assembled your team, it's time to compete in matches. You can play online or offline matches or compete in tournaments or leagues. Experimenting with different strategies and formations would be best to see what works best for your team.



Constructing a FIFA 23 squad with 89 Icon Upgrades can be enjoyable and profitable. This guide will take you through the steps of forming a team with the ideal distribution of defensive and offensive players and the right nationalities to reflect your playstyle. 

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