Highest Rated TOTW Ever Released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

If you're a fan of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT), you'll know that getting your hands on high-rated players is crucial to building a winning team. EA Sports has just released one of the highest-rated Teams of the Week (TOTW) ever, packed with amazing players. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the packs available, the players included in the TOTW, and why this TOTW is one of the best ever.



Packs Available

The main pack available is the 1583+ Players Pack, which is available for 6,000 FUT Coins. This pack contains seven players, including an 82+ rated player, an 83+ rated player, and five more players rated between 84 and 90. This pack is definitely worth the FUT coins and could reward you with some great players.

The second pack available is the Small Rare Mixed Players Pack, which is available for 3,000 FUT Coins and includes 2 bronze players and 5 tradable players. This is a great pack to get if you're looking to make some decent coins without spending too much.


Players Included in the TOTW

The standout player in this week's TOTW is the 84-rated Taram. This card has amazing stats and is definitely worth the 18,000 FUT Coins. Other notable players include 85-rated Gloria Inverso at 57,000 FUT Coins, 87-rated Berghaus Uribe at 10,000 FUT Coins, 89-rated Delict at 4,000 FUT Coins, 90-rated Acuna at 20,000 FUT Coins, and 90-rated Honorama at 4,000 FUT Coins.


Why is this TOTW One of the Best Ever?

The main reason why this TOTW is one of the best ever is the sheer number of high-rated players in this week's TOTW. With six players rated 85 or higher, this TOTW is sure to reward those who have the coins to spend. The fact that EA Sports has also included some cheaper cards, such as Delict and Honorama, means that everyone can get in on the action.

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This week's TOTW is one of the best ever, packed with high-rated players. If you're looking to add some great players to your squad, it's definitely worth spending some coins on the 1583+ Players Pack or the Small Rare Mixed Players Pack. Remember, there's always an element of luck involved when opening packs, but hopefully, this guide has been helpful, and we wish you the best of luck with your packs!

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