Are you looking to score more goals in FIFA 23?

Scoring goals in FIFA 23 can be a challenging task. However, with the right attacking tips and techniques, You can add more chances to proceed. In this guide, We will provide 5 of the best attacking tips to help you score more goals in FIFA 23. 




Tip #1: German Cross

The German Cross is a popular attacking tactic many professional FIFA players use. First, press the L1 button to trigger a run from your center midfielder to perform the German Cross. Make sure you are facing your midfielder when you press the L1 button. Additionally, you must have your fullback slightly facing off the pitch. You must time the cross perfectly so your midfielder can run beyond the defense and get his head or foot to the ball. 


Tip #2: Timed Finishing

Timed Finishing is a great way to make your shots more accurate and powerful. To perform Time Finishing, you must first enable it in your controller settings. Once enabled, you must press the circle twice and ensure the second press is done just as your player is about to connect with the ball. The goal is to make all your shots green, and with enough practice, you can do so. 


Tip #3: Traveller

The traveller is another popular attacking tactic used by many FIFA players. To perform the traveller, you must first shoot and then hold L2. It is best to do a ball roll just before shooting, and you must use a player with 89 shot power or below. The traveller is most effective when used outside the box. 


Tip #4: Reverse Elastico

The Reverse Elastico is an overpowered skill move in FIFA 23 that requires a 5-star skill. To perform the Reverse Elastico, you must rotate your right stick a quarter of the way around in an anti-clockwise direction. The Reverse Elastico is most effective inside the box, as it can create space for a shot. 


Tip #5: Finishing in 1v1 Situations

To finish in 1v1 situations, there are three tactics you can use:

  1. Wait for the keeper to move. This requires patience and composure; you must wait for the keeper to move before making yours.
  2. Use the heel-to-ball roll. To perform the heel-to-ball roll, you must press L1 whilst making a move.
  3. Use a chip shot.

To perform a chip shot, press the circle and hold L1 simultaneously. When doing a chip shot, you should aim for two to three power bars. 



Following these 5 tips and techniques, you can become a more effective attacking player in FIFA 23 and score more goals. With enough practice, you can master these techniques and become an elite FIFA 23 player.

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