FIFA 23 Fut Birthday Promotion: What to Expect in the Final 24 Hours

FIFA 23 has been running the Fut Birthday promotion for a while now, and the final 24 hours are upon us. In this article, we'll take a look at what you can expect from the objectives, store items, SBCs, and upgraded players.



Objectives and Milestones

Unfortunately, there are no new objectives or milestones to complete in the final 24 hours of the Fut Birthday promotion. However, there are still some SBCs to complete, and you can profit off Market Matchups if you're savvy enough.


Store Items

The store items available in the final 24 hours of the Fut Birthday promotion could be more robust. There are some essential packs and pivot packs available, but nothing too exciting.



There are two SBCs available in the final 24 hours of the Fut Birthday promotion.

The first is the Nicholas Gonzalez Birthday SBC, which is a great card to have in your team. He's a right-wing with 4-star skills, a 5-star weak foot, and high/medium work rates.He can play right-wing, left-wing, and right-mid, making him a versatile addition to any team. His pace, dribbling, and shooting are all good, and he only costs an 83-rated squad with information or an 84-rated squad without an inform.

The second SBC is the 85x5 Daily Login Upgrade. This SBC is definitely worth doing, as you'll get a free upgrade of a bronze player to an 81 or 82-rated card, which is a nice boost. You'll also get a 585+ Pack, which is always welcome.


Upgraded Players

There are several upgraded players available in the final 24 hours of the Fut Birthday promotion. The Team Of The Week is a mixed bag, but there are two special cards worth noting. The Fut Birthday and Man Of The Match cards are both great additions to any team.

The Guerrero Player Of The Month card is also worth considering. He's a left-back, left-mid, or left-wing back with excellent dribbling, and he only costs around 60k.

Finally, there are two standout upgraded players to consider: Robert Lewandowski and Gabriel Jesus. Lewandowski has been upgraded from 93 to 94 and is a two-way forward with good shooting and engine. His dribbling becomes elite with the Hunter chem style, and he's likely to receive more upgrades throughout the season.

Gabriel Jesus has been upgraded from 86 to 88 and has three defending, two paces, two shooting, two passing, and three kick accuracy. His stamina is also impressive at three. This card is similar to his Winter Wild Card, but with one less pace and one more shooting.



That's all for the final 24 hours of the Fut Birthday promotion. There are some great SBCs to complete, and the upgraded players on offer are definitely worth considering. Take advantage of your chance to add some exciting new cards to your team before the promotion ends!

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