FIFA 23 Title Update #10: New Faces, Retro Kits, and Squad Update

FIFA 23 has just received a major update, and fans of the popular football game will be delighted to hear that there are plenty of new features and change to enjoy. In this detailed guide, we'll take a closer look at everything that's included in the FIFA 23 latest update, including Title Update #10 and the March 30th Squad Update.




Title Update 10

The latest update, Title Update #10, is now available on all platforms and addresses a number of issues in Ultimate Team. This includes fixing placeholder text that could have been displayed for some FUT Moments requirements and placeholder visuals during some pack-opening animations. The update also includes various updates to kits, badges, boots, UI elements, trophy stars, gloves, balls, VIP areas, banners, tifos, stadium themes, celebrations, stadia, and facial hair.

Additionally, it addresses instances of various stability issues and the UI element for displaying points in King of the Hill FUT matches not displaying correctly. Unfortunately, there are no gameplay changes or Career Mode fixes in this update.


March 30th Squad Update

The March 30th Squad Update brings more than 50 new faces to FIFA 23, including both men and women. Some of these are brand-new faces, while others are legacy faces that are returning to the game. Players can enjoy updated rosters, ratings, and potential for some of their favourite players.


Updated Players

Some of the notable updated players in the March 30th Squad Update include Lozek from Bayer Leverkusen, Batorina from Dinamo Zagreb, Hin Cappy from Bayer Leverkusen, Palacios from Bayer Leverkusen, Edwards from Sporting, and more. Fans of these players will surely appreciate the updates to their ratings and potential.

Here are some of the updated players that players can look forward to in the March 30th Squad Update:

  • • Lozek from Bayer Leverkusen – 20 years old, 76 overall, 86 potential (position change from CAM to ST)
  • • Batorina from Dinamo Zagreb – 20 years old, 72 overall, 86 potential
  • • Hin Cappy from Bayer Leverkusen – 21 years old, 79 overall, 86 potential
  • • Matthias Fernandez from Sporting – 66 overall, 68 potential (various stats upgrades)
  • • Palacios from Bayer Leverkusen – 76 overall, 85 potential
  • • Edwards from Sporting – 80 overall
  • • Thomas Araujo from Vicente – 70 overall, 85 potential
  • • Ugarte from Sporting – 79 overall, 85 potential (position change from CM to CDM)
  • • Fortawu Isahaku from Sporting – 69 overall, 85 potential (downgrade to potential)
  • • Ritegi from Tigre – 77 overall, 85 potential
  • • El Canus from Genk – 70 overall, 85 potential
  • • Joel Mario from Porto – 77 overall, 84 potential
  • • Lacroix from Wolfsburg – 77 overall, 84 potential (downgrade to potential)
  • • Gomez from Lill – 76 overall, 84 potential (position change from CM to CAM)
  • • Recommer from Girona – 77 overall, 84 potential (downgrade to potential)
  • • Diamande from Sporting – 69 overall, 84 potential (upgrade to potential)
  • • Louis Jr from Formalikal – 73 overall, 83 potential
  • • Unahi from Marseille – 74 overall, 83 potential (various stats upgrades)
  • • Bamba from Victoria – 70 overall, 83 potential (upgrade to potential)
  • • Swarza from Newell's Old Boys – 77 overall, 83 potential (position change from CM to CDM)
  • • Chimiti from Sporting – 68 overall, 83 potential (upgrade to potential)
  • • Nia Cutter from Sporting Braga – 75 overall, 82 potential
  • • Jota from Celtic – 77 overall, 82 potential (downgrade to potential)


Retro Kits

In addition to player updates, EA has also brought back retro kits for some clubs in FIFA. However, it's important to note that these kits are only available in Ultimate Team and not in Career Mode.



Overall, the latest FIFA 23 update is a significant one, especially for fans of the Ultimate Team. While there are no gameplay changes or Career Mode fixes, the update does address several issues in Ultimate Team and adds some much-needed updates to player ratings and potentials. If you're a fan of FIFA 23, you'll definitely want to check out this latest update.

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