How to overcome EA making FIFA 23 difficult to enjoy?

Electronic Arts (EA) have released the latest version of their popular soccer video game. Unfortunately, many players have been frustrated by the difficulty of the game. One of the main criticisms is the pricing of some available Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) packs. In this guide, we'll explore why EA make FIFA 23 so hard to enjoy and how to overcome this difficulty. 




Why Does EA Make FIFA 23 So Hard To Enjoy?

There are a few reasons why EA make FIFA 23 so difficult.

First, the game features many expensive packs and cards that are difficult to obtain. For example, the Birthday Essentials Pack is priced at 160,000 coins, while the Birthday Wishes Pack is priced at 375,000. These packs feature rare or untradable players, making them difficult to obtain with FUT coins. Furthermore, the Ultimate Team Squad Battles are difficult to complete, as EA has released a new Morgan Gibbs White card that is only 83-rated, making it difficult to complete high-level Squad Battles. 

Another reason the game is difficult to enjoy is that the players released by EA are often overpriced. For example, the Michel Antonio birthday card is priced at 500,000 coins, which is too expensive for a card with 4-star skill moves and a 5-star weak foot. Similarly, the Matthew Skunya card is 85-rated, while the Morgan Gibbs White card is 83-rated. Both of these cards are far too expensive for their respective ratings. 

Finally, EA has released packs with terrible value. For example, the Jumbo Rare Player Pack, Elite Player Pack Plus, and the Foot Birthday Wishes Pack are priced at 500,000, 375,000 and 160,000 coins, respectively. These packs feature untradable players, making them extremely poor value for coins. 


How To Overcome The Difficulty?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to overcome the difficulty of FIFA 23.

First, you can buy coins from safe store site to purchase packs from the store. This way, you can afford to complete Squad Building Challenges and test out new players. You can also grind 3,000 Premium Electrum Upgrade Packs to hit an 84-rated or higher player hopefully. 

Another way to overcome the difficulty is to look for underpriced players. For example, compared to the Michel Antonio birthday card, you can buy the Grealish Footballers card for a 183-rated and Alessandarini for an 83-rated. Both players have 5-star skill moves and can play as a right-mid, left-mid and center-fold. 

Finally, you can look for players that have been for longer. For example, Diaz has more pace, dribbling, and shooting than Michel Antonio and can get an 83-rated. 



EA make FIFA 23 hard to enjoy due to expensive packs, overpriced players and packs with terrible value. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the difficulty, such as buying coins, grinding for upgrade packs, looking for underpriced players and looking for players that have been for longer.

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