How to Set Up an Effective 442 Formation in FIFA 23

Are you tired of using the same formation over and over again in FIFA 23? Want to try something new that offers a balanced mix of attacking and defensive play? Look no further than the 442 formations. In this guide, we'll provide you with tips on how to set up an effective 442 formation in FIFA 23, including custom tactics and player instructions.



Custom Tactics

Custom tactics are an important aspect of any formation in FIFA 23, and the 442 formation is no exception. The following custom tactics are recommended for the 442 formations:

  • Defensive Style: Balanced
  • Defensive Width: 45
  • Defensive Depth: 55
  • Build Up Play: Balanced
  • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
  • Attacking Width: 53
  • Players In Box: 6
  • Corners/Free Kicks: 1

These custom tactics are designed to provide a good balance between defensive stability and attacking prowess. The balanced defensive style ensures that your team stays solid at the back, while the balanced build-up play allows for a more patient and controlled approach when attacking. The direct passing chance creation setting encourages quick counter-attacks and direct passes forward, while the attacking width of 53 provides enough space for your wingers to exploit.



Choosing the right players for your 442 formations is crucial. It would be best if you had a good mix of attacking and defensive players in order to be successful. Here are some recommended player types for each position:

  • Strikers: A finisher and a creator. The finisher should be a player with high finishing and shot power, while the creator should have good passing and dribbling stats.
  • Left and right midfielders: Winger-style players with good pace, dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  • Left center midfielder: A defensive midfielder with good defensive stats and a medium-high work rate.
  • Right center midfielder: A box-to-box midfielder with well-rounded stats and a high work rate.
  • Fullbacks: A balance between technical ability and defensive solidity.


Player Instructions

Player instructions are a great way to tailor your formation to your specific playstyle. Here are some recommended player instructions for the 442 formations:

  • Strikers: "Stay Central" and "Mixed Attack". This ensures that they stay in central positions and are involved in the build-up play.
  • Left and right midfielders: "Come Back on Defense" and "Get Into Box for Cross". This keeps them in good defensive positions and involved in the penalty area when attacking.
  • Left center midfielder: "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Center". This keeps them back and covers the central areas.
  • Right center midfielder: "Default Settings" and "Cover Center". This allows them to be more versatile and cover the central areas when defending.
  • Fullbacks: "Stay Back While Attacking". This keeps them in good defensive positions, as the 442 formation already offers plenty of widths.



The 442 formation is a classic formation that offers a great balance of attacking and defensive play. By following these tips on custom tactics and player instructions, you’ll be able to set up an effective 442 formation in FIFA 23. Remember to choose the right players for each position and tailor your formation to your play style. 

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