Is 89 FUT Birthday Nkunku worth your investment in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

EA Sports has recently released a new FUT Birthday player, Christopher Nkunku, who has been gaining a lot of attention from FIFA 23 players.  In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the SBC and which chemistry style is best to use with this card. We will also examine how Nkunku performs in various positions on the pitch and assess his overall value.




This new player card has an overall rating of 89 and features impressive stats, including 5-star skill moves, a 5-star weak foot, high-medium work rates, 91 paces, 91 dribbling, 84 shooting, 87 passing, 73 physicals, and 72 defending.


SBC Requirements

To unlock the FUT Birthday Nkunku card, you will need to complete an SBC that requires an 88, 89, 87, 86, 85, and 83-rated team, which will cost a total of 1.2 million coins. However, this is a fair price for what the card offers and it is much cheaper than the Path to Glory card, which is currently going for 2.8 million coins.


Chemistry Style

When choosing a chemistry style for Nkunku, it depends on how you plan to use him on the pitch. If you're going to play him in a winger position, we recommend using the Hunter chemistry style, which will maximize his pace.

If you plan to use him in a CAM or striker position, the Hawk chemistry style is the best option, as it will give him extra long shots while improving his pace and physical stats. If you want to use him as a box-to-box midfielder, then the Shadow chemistry style is the way to go, as it will provide extra defending stats and improve his pace.



Nkunku can be played in several positions, including central midfield, CAM, and striker, and he performs exceptionally well in all of them. He is skilled at making runs and has impressive finishing abilities. He is also good at dribbling around players and has a decent passing ability.

However, his outside foot shot has been nerfed since the patch, but his shooting ability inside the box is still outstanding. His dribbling ability is the same as his Path to Glory card, and his passing, especially long passing, is slightly different. Nkunku's physical strength is lower than the Path to Glory card, which makes him more vulnerable to being pushed off the ball.



Despite the high price of 1.2 million coins, the FUT Birthday Nkunku card is worth it. The card offers a finesse shot trait, an outside foot shot trait, good shooting abilities inside the box, a ridiculous amount of pace, and a defensive presence. Moreover, he can be played in several positions, making him a versatile player on the pitch.


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In summary, the FUT Birthday Nkunku is an excellent addition to any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. With his 5-star skill moves, 5-star weak foot, and impressive stats, he can be played in several positions on the pitch, and he performs exceptionally well in all of them. Although he is a bit expensive, he is worth the price, and his versatility makes him a valuable asset to any team.

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