5 Tips and a Glitch to Level Up Faster in Madden 23

Levelling up in Madden 23 or any season of Madden 23 can seem daunting, but with the right tips and tricks, you can up your level in no time. In this guide, we'll cover 5 tips to help you level up faster in Madden NFL 23, a glitch to speed up the levelling process, and a bonus tip to help you get the most out of each level. 




To get started, let's cover the rewards you can get from the season 4 field pass. You can get a Calvin Johnson 99 overall, a Trevor Lawrence 99 overall, a Trayveon 99 overall, and many other great cards. You can also win a 93 overall Bowser by commenting, "Macaroni and cheese are really good. Also, thanks for the level up advice, Tom." 


Tip 1. Achieving Daily Goals

The first one is to do your dailies. You must get 200 offensive yards, purchase a pack, and complete a set. Doing your dailies will rack up stats for you, and you can get up to 45,000 XP over 30 days. 


Tip 2. Get the Most Out of Your Comp Pass

The second tip is to do the comp pass. You can get 25,000 XP at level 5 and a 96 overall Taiwani Saragusa, the Goose, for free. You can also do sets to get 20 CP and complete stats challenges to get even more XP. The comp pass refreshes every two weeks, so you have plenty of opportunities to get the comp pass done. 


Tip 3. Mutt Champs Games and Free Agency Promo Pass

Third, play some mutt champs games. This is the grinding tip, but if you play on MVP, you can knock out the challenges quickly and easily. You can also do team of the year challenges for 10,000 XP and 40,000 coins. Watch for the free agency promo pass, which will give you tons of XP and free cards. 


Tip 4. Gain lots of XP with touchdowns

Fourth, score 50, 100, 400, and 700 touchdowns in any mode. Doing these will get you tons of XP and help you rank up towards a 99 overall Calvin Johnson and other 99s. 


Tip 5. Use the season 5 XP collectible

Finally, when season 5 comes out in early June, use the season 5 XP collectible to level up even faster. Now, for the glitch. Some people find that doing sets in the comp pass is making them level up too quickly, so it's worth trying it out and seeing if it works for you. 



Finally, the bonus tip. To get the most out of each level, play on rookie mode when doing the comp pass and season pass. You can easily put up 100+ points a game, and with a good team, you can easily put up 500 points. 

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