A Detailed Guide To Free Agency Promo In Madden 23

This guide will show you the best strategies to maximize your experience with the Free Agency Promo in Madden 23. Learn how to get quick XP, earn free 98s, and make the most of the packs in the Store. Plus, get tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the Free Agency Promo. With this guide, you can make the most of the Free Agency Promo and take your Madden 23 to the next level!



Section 1: Quick XP Method

  1. Go to the Programs tab in Field Pass and look at the Free Agency Promo missions.
  2. Look at the 90 Overall Free Agency set and buy 88 overall players for around 9-10k coins each and 86 overall players for around 5k coins each.
  3. Complete the set three times, registering as five times completed in the Field Pass.
  4. Sell two of the players and keep one as a backup on your lineup.
  5. Play through the Free Agency Solos to complete the Field Pass mission.


Section 2: Getting 98s for Cheap

  1. Go to the Sets tab and look at the Reggie White set.
  2. Buy 98 overall players for around 900k coins each.
  3. Complete the set to get 298s back in return.
  4. Monitor the set to see if the 98 overall players' price drops.


Section 3: Packs in the Store

  1. Look at the Points Offers and MUT Coins Packs in the Store.
  2. The 99 Overall Reggie White Points Offer is expensive but could be worth it if you can build cards for cheap.
  3. The 10x and 5x Free Agency Bundles and the Free Agency BOGO Pack could be better.
  4. The 6x 93+ Free Agency Player offer could be better, too, with only a 6.8% chance of getting a 98 overall player.
  5. The Free Agency Pack could be catastrophic with inflated prices in the market.



This guide shows that the Free Agency Promo in Madden 23 offers great opportunities to get quick XP, free 98s, and take advantage of the packs in the Store. By carefully monitoring the Free Agency sets and Points Offers, players can maximize their potential and optimize their experience.

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