What to Expect from the Final Madden 23 Update?

Madden 23 has been a popular football video game this year, but players have experienced some bugs and server issues throughout the year. However, the game's developers have announced that they are preparing a final update that will address these issues before the release of Madden 24. Here's what you can expect from this update:



Bug Fixes and Gameplay Changes

One of the main focuses of the update is to fix bugs that have been lingering throughout the year. This includes gameplay issues such as fixing the drop pass rate, improving coverage, and fixing ID/mic and slide protection reset bugs. These changes improve the overall experience of playing the game and help make it more enjoyable.


Server-Related Updates

In addition to fixing gameplay issues, the update will also include server-related updates that may improve the stability of the game. This could include fixes for players who have needed help logging into their franchise or Ultimate Team modes or who have been getting kicked out frequently. These issues have been problematic for many players throughout the year, so it's good to see that EA is working to address them before the release of Madden 24.


Additional Content

Finally, the update may also include some additional content to keep players busy during the last few months of the year. This could include new equipment, player face scans, and even some playbook changes. While EA hasn't added anything new to franchise mode all year, they have in the past made some late additions, so that they may do so again this time around.



Overall, the last update for Madden 23 should help improve the experience for players who plan on playing the game until Madden 24 arrives. The focus on bug fixes and server stability is especially important, as it will make the game more enjoyable and reduce frustration.

Additionally, the potential for new content is exciting, as it will provide players with new challenges to tackle before the release of the next game. Keep an eye out for this final update and enjoy the improvements it brings!

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