FIFA 23 Icon Packs: A Guide to Opening and Using Them

If you're a FIFA 23 player, you know that the Icon Packs are some of the most coveted packs. They contain some of the best players, including legends like Pele, Maradona, and Ronaldo. This guide will take you through opening and using Icon Packs in FIFA 23.




How to Unlock and Open Icon Packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Mode?

Firstly, you must unlock FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode to open Icon Packs. This mode allows you to build your dream team, consisting of players from different leagues, countries, and eras. Once you have unlocked Ultimate Team mode, you can open Icon Packs.

To open Icon Packs, you must purchase them using FIFA Coins or FIFA Points. FIFA Coins can be earned in-game by completing objectives, playing matches, and winning tournaments. FIFA Points, on the other hand, are bought using real money.


Icon Packs are available in FIFA 23, each containing various icons and players. These include:

  • 85+ Icon Pack: Contains at least one Icon rated 85 or above.
  • 89+ Icon Pack: Contains at least one Icon rated 89 or above.
  • Mid Icon Pack: Contains at least one Mid Icon player.
  • Prime Icon Pack: Contains at least one Prime Icon player.
  • Base Icon Pack: Contains at least one Base Icon player.


Unlock the Possibilities with Icon Packs in Ultimate Team Mode

Once you have purchased your Icon Pack, you can start opening it. To open an Icon Pack, go to the Packs section in Ultimate Team mode and select the pack you want to open. Once you have opened the pack, the players will appear on your screen, and you can choose to keep or discard them.

If you keep the players, they will be added to your club. If you discard them, you will receive a certain amount of FIFA Coins, depending on their value. A player's rating, position, and popularity determine their value.


When opening Icon Packs, it's essential to have a strategy in mind. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your packs:

  • Focus on the type of Icon Pack you want to open. For example, if you're looking for a specific icon player, purchase the 89+ Icon Pack.
  • Don't waste your FIFA Points or Coins on packs that don't contain the players you want.
  • Watch for special promotions and events that offer better chances of getting high-rated players.
  • Don't discard players right away. Instead, check their value and keep them if they are valuable or can be used in an SBC (Squad Building Challenge).
  • Consider selling players that you don't need to earn more FIFA Coins, which can be used to purchase more Icon Packs.



In conclusion, Icon Packs are a great way to get some of the best players in FIFA 23. By following the tips in this guide, you can maximize your chances of getting the players you want and building the ultimate team. Always to have a strategy in mind and save your FIFA Coins or Points on packs that don't contain the players you need. Good luck, and happy pack opening!

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