FIFA 23 New Year Foundations Packs: How to unlock your potential?

If you are a FIFA23 Ultimate Team (FUT) player looking to strengthen your squad, consider opening New Year Foundations Packs. These packs contain ICONs, rare players, and other items that can significantly boost your team. However, before spending your hard-earned coins, you must understand how these packs work and what you can expect from them.




What are New Year Foundations Packs?

New Year Foundations Packs are a special type of FUT pack that EA Sports releases at the beginning of every year. These packs contain various items, including player cards, consumables, and coins. The contents of these packs are randomized, meaning that you will know what you'll get once you open them.


How to Open New Year Foundations Packs?

It would help to have enough coins or FIFA Points to open New Year Foundations Packs. You can buy these packs from the FUT store or through third-party websites. Once you have purchased the packs, you must go to your pack inventory and select the one you want to open.

When you open a pack, the contents will be revealed individually. The first thing you will see is the type of pack you have opened. You will then see the items in the pack, including players, consumables, coins, and other items.


What Can You Get from New Year Foundations Packs?

New Year Foundations Packs contain many items, including rare players, FUT ICONs, consumables, and coins. The exact contents of each pack are randomized, so you will know what you'll get once you open them.

The chances of getting rare items, such as ICONs or high-rated players, could be higher. However, you may get lucky and get one of these items in your pack if you're lucky. Even if you don't get a rare item, you may still get useful consumables, such as contracts, fitness cards, and chemistry styles, to help you improve your team's performance.


Tips for Opening New Year Foundations Packs

If you're new to FUT, you may be tempted to open as many packs as possible to get rare items. However, this can be a waste of coins or FIFA Points. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your New Years base pack:

  1. Set a Budget: Before opening packs, decide how much you will spend. Stick to your budget and stay within it, even if you still need to get the rare item you hoped for.
  2. Be Patient: The chances of getting rare items from New Year Foundations Packs are low, so you need to be patient. Keep going even if you don't get a rare item in your first pack. Keep opening packs, and you may eventually get lucky.
  3. Sell or Discard Unwanted Items: If you get items you don't need or want, such as duplicate player cards, you can sell them on the transfer market or discard them for coins. This will help you recoup some of the coins you spent on the pack.
  4. Use Consumables Wisely: Use them wisely if you get consumables, such as contracts or fitness cards. Don't waste them on low-rated players you plan to replace soon.
  5. Don't Rely on Packs: While New Year Foundations Packs can be a fun way to add new players and items to your team, they shouldn't be your only source of new players. It would help if you also considered buying players on the transfer market, completing Squad Building Challenges, and participating in other FUT events.



Opening New Year Foundations Packs can be an exciting and rewarding experience for FIFA23 Ultimate Team players. Following these steps, players can purchase, open, and use the items acquired from the pack to improve their squad and gain an edge in gameplay. Whether acquiring new players or consumables or saving coins with a discount code, New Year Foundations Packs are a must-have for serious FIFA23 Ultimate Team players.

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