How to complete FUT Birthday Swap Tokens in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 has introduced the Fut Birthday Swaps event, and players can now obtain tokens to redeem for valuable in-game rewards. This guide will provide a comprehensive list of all the Fut Birthday Swaps tokens you can obtain through objectives, SBCs, and other means.



Step 1: Login and Collect Your First Token

The first token is easy to get. Log into FIFA 23 on either the web app or console, and you'll receive Magnusson as your first token. You don't have to do anything else to collect it.


Step 2: Check for Expired Tokens

Unfortunately, two tokens have already expired, and you won't be able to collect them anymore. You're already two tokens behind if you still need Ajuwa and Amentor. Make sure to check your club to see if you have them.


Step 3: Collect Tokens from Objectives

There are several objectives you can complete to collect tokens. Here's a breakdown of each objective and how to get the tokens:

  • Hoffman: Win a match in the Foot Friendly Homegrown 11 and receive Hoffman as your token.
  • Gibbs: Win three matches in the Live Foot Friendly Silver Lounge to receive Gibbs as your token.
  • Mark Aguedo: Go to Marquee Matchups and select Denmark vs Finland to find Mark Aguedo hidden in the SBC. Complete it to get the token.
  • Ibrahim: Score at least two goals per match in four Squad Battles or Rivals games in the Finisher Mentality objective to receive Ibrahim.
  • McGlynn and Isaac: Complete the Foot Birthday Login Upgrade 10 times to receive McGlynn as your token. There's also another token hidden behind number seven, which is Isaac. You can receive another token by completing four of these daily login SBCs.


Step 4: Get Tokens from Foot Birthday Party and Store

There are two tokens hidden in the Foot Birthday Party objective. You'll receive Gregory as your objective reward, but Silvera is hidden beneath him. To receive the two tokens, score four finesse goals in either Squad Battles or Rivals.

A pack in the store also expires soon with a token called Gunther, a German right midfielder. You can get the token by opening the pack for 85k coins or 500 FIFA points.


Step 5: Complete Squad Building Challenges

The final four tokens are available by completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Foot 15 contains Walid, Foot 16 contains Prizo, Foot 17 contains Iwolo, and Foot 18 contains Gallagher. Complete each of these SBCs to collect the tokens.


Step 6: Check for Updates

This guide will be updated with new tokens as they become available, so check back regularly to ensure you get everything.



In conclusion, completing all the Fut Birthday Swaps objectives in FIFA 23 can be time-consuming, but this guide will help you get all the tokens quickly and efficiently. Follow the steps outlined above, and you'll have all the tokens quickly. 

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