How to invest and make coins to prepare for Madden 23 TOTY?

Prepare to make some coins with the upcoming Team of the Year (TOTY) for Madden 23! The content is dropping on March 9th, and it is an excellent opportunity for those who take the time to prepare. Act now to get ahead of the competition, maximize your profits and build Ultimate Team!


Madden 23 TOTY Set Requirements

TOTY cards are usually 96 overalls; we expect them to be 98 this year. The sets required a mix of 88 overalls through 93 overalls. Last year, they also had a reel that cost 42 000 training for a random offensive or defensive player, which was the same in Madden 23. It required a mixture of 84 overalls through 92 overalls for the set players. 


Analysis Prices Before and After TOTY Release

In previous years, there was also a reel for 39 000 training. We saw a huge jump in training prices the day before TOTY was released. On Monday, January 24th, the 94 overall average was around 85-95k, and then the day after, on Tuesday, it jumped to 120-130k from 5 training per, all the way up to 7. 


What, When and How Much to Buy?

Now that we better understand what happened in the past let's talk about what we can do in Madden 23 to prepare for TOTY. The three things you should consider are: what to buy when to buy it, and what price to buy it for


How to Increase Your TOTY Set Value?

Regarding what to buy, you should consider buying cards ranging from 88 overalls to 94 overalls for training discard. This will ensure your investment as they will be a training investment and a TOTY set investment. We know that EA has gone for more even overalls when it comes to the block set requirements. This means that instead of 8384 overalls, it could be 80 to 81 and 82 to 83s. This means people are more likely to use lower totals.


Timing Matters When Buying TVPs in EA Sports

The timing of these investments is tricky. You can start buying now, as EA has already removed TVPs from the game. Typically, what happens is every single day removed from the TVP is removed, training tends to go down. This means that Saturday will be cheaper than Friday, and so on. Most of your investments should be 90 overalls, 92 overalls and 94 overalls, but you should also mix in some odd overalls. Your goal should be to buy 65 even-number cards and 35 odd-number cards. 


Aim for 1.5 or Less

Regarding the price of your investments, you should buy for 1.5 per or less. The problem is that once we get down to Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming weeks, you will have little choice in the price you pay. Whatever the prices are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is what you should pay for all overalls. 



Team of the Year is a great opportunity to make MUT coins, but you need to take the time to prepare. Investing in 88 overalls through 94 for training discard will be your best bet for success. Make sure to time your investments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leading up to the Thursday release. Buy for 1.5 per or less, and mix in some odd overalls. With the right preparation and investments, you could make a lot of coins off the TOTY content.

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