The Ultimate Guide to Winning with the Nickel 33 Formation in Madden 23

Madden 23 is one of the most popular video games in the world, and for a good reason. With its deep and complex game mechanics, it has something for everyone to enjoy. The most important thing in the game is not just team offensive, defense is also one of the important ones, and in this article, we'll be giving you a detailed guide on the best defense in Madden 23: the Nickel 33.




Nickel 33 Features

The Nickel 33 formation can be found in six different playbooks in Madden 23. This defense is better than any other in the game for three main reasons:

  • It has some of the best blitzes available.
  • It can confuse opponents by making all defensive play calls look the same.
  • It's also good against the run. 


Creating the Perfect Blitz

First, let's look at the blitzes available in this formation. To set up the best blitz, you must make some coaching adjustments before you break the huddle. Make sure to turn off auto flip and turn on auto alignment to base. When you break the huddle, ensure the slot cornerback is always on the left side. 


Setting Up a Blitz

Now, for the actual setup of the blitz, you need to do a few steps:

  • Show blitz by pressing triangle (Xbox) or left (Playstation) on your left stick.
  • Spread your defensive line by pressing left on the d-pad and up on the left stick.
  • Slant or crash them to the inside by pressing left on the d-pad and down on the right stick.
  • QB is contained by pressing RB twice (Xbox) or R1 twice (Playstation).
  • Stand in the same spot as your user and wait for the pressure. 


Maximizing Coverage

It's important to note that there is no flat zone on the right side of the field. To ensure your coverage is great, put your right-of-screen middle linebacker onto some type of zone heading to the flats. To do this, double tap your d-pad on the right side and select the right of screen green linebacker. Then press right on the left stick to put them into a curl flat. 


Extra Blocking Tactics

Now, when you have the threat of being able to send the blitz every single down, your opponent will start blocking extra people. When this happens, drop into more of a heavy coverage like the cover four drops. You can also use cover 3, cover 2, cover 6, or any other play you want. 


Improve Run Defense

Finally, let's look at the run defense. To make it even more difficult to deal with, you can use the middle linebacker on the running back side of the formation. Slide your defensive line towards the direction you think the run is going and hover in the same line as the running back. This way, when the ball is snapped, you'll be able to jump through the gap and tackle the running back for a loss of yards.



We hope this article can help you understand why the Nickel 33 formation is the best defense of Madden 23. In addition, you can also get more Mut Coins through EZWTB to increase your Madden 23 game to a new level.

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