2K Community's Push For a New NBA Live: Pros, Cons, and How You Can Support the Petition

Are you a fan of basketball games and want to see more competition in the market? The NBA 2K23 community is currently pushing for a new NBA Live game, and a petition has been started to show EA Sports that there is interest in a comeback for the franchise. In this article, we will discuss the petition, the pros and cons of having a new NBA Live game, and how you can support the petition if you are interested.




What is the Petition?

The petition was started by a member of the 2K community, Bass Plug, and aims to demonstrate to EA Sports that there is interest in a new NBA Live game. By signing the petition, individuals agree to give the game a chance either by purchasing it or watching others play it before forming an opinion. The goal is to show EA Sports that the community is serious about wanting to see a new NBA Live and that they should pay attention to the demand.


Pros and Cons of a New NBA Live Game

There are both pros and cons to having a new NBA Live. On the positive side, a new game would be a great opportunity for basketball fans and could provide some much-needed competition for the current NBA 2K series. It may also help to keep microtransactions in check and could offer unique gameplay features that are not present in the 2K franchise. However, some people may find the game too expensive or not as good as the current 2K titles.


How Can You Support the Petition?

If you are interested in supporting the petition for a new NBA Live game, there are several things you can do. Firstly, sign the petition, which can be found on Bass Plug's YouTube channel. Secondly, please spread the word about the petition by sharing it on your social media channels or telling your friends about it. Lastly, express your opinion on the petition and let EA Sports know what type of game you would like to see.



The petition to bring back NBA Live is an excellent opportunity for the 2K community to make their voices heard. By signing the petition and spreading the word, you can help show EA Sports that there is interest in a new game. While there are both pros and cons to having a new game, it is ultimately up to the community to decide if it is worth it. If you are a fan of basketball games, consider supporting the petition and helping to make a new NBA Live game a reality.

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