NBA 2K24: How to improve gameplay and win back customers?

NBA 2K has received criticism in recent years due to various issues, including gameplay flaws, rising prices, and declining sales. If 2K wants to remain relevant in the gaming world and keep its customers happy, they need to make some significant changes to their game. In this guide, we will provide some recommendations on how to improve NBA 2K24.



Improve Gameplay

One of the primary complaints about NBA 2K is its gameplay flaws. The game's developers need to take the feedback they have received seriously and address these issues. For instance, 2K Labs has been identifying flaws in the game's badges for years, and the developers should work on fixing these issues. Additionally, they should make sure that players need to green their dunks, just like they have to green their shots.


Add a Casual Game Mode

Many players are looking for a more casual and fun experience when playing NBA 2K. In previous versions of the game, there were modes that offered a more glitchy, fun gameplay experience. 2K should bring back these modes, which are perfect for players looking for a more relaxed and entertaining experience.


Listen to Customer Feedback

2K needs to start listening to their customers. They need to create more opportunities for players to share their feedback and implement those changes that players are asking for. If the developers listen to their customers, they can make a better game that will keep players engaged and happy.


Lower VC Prices

Rising prices are one of the primary reasons that players are becoming disenchanted with NBA 2K. The developers should lower 2K VC prices to keep the game accessible to players. While they may not earn as much money, it will keep players happy, engaged, and playing the game.


Fix Online Modes

One of the major issues with NBA 2K is the online mode. The developers need to work on fixing the lag issues that plague online play. They should also create matchmaking systems that ensure that players are matched with others of similar skill levels.



NBA 2K24 needs to make significant changes to the game to remain relevant and keep its customers happy. By improving gameplay, adding a casual game mode, listening to customer feedback, lowering VC prices, and fixing online modes, 2K can create a game that players will enjoy playing and keep coming back to.

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