NBA 2K23 On Ball Defense: Tips and Tricks for Effective Gameplay

If you're a basketball video game enthusiast, then you know that playing on-ball defence is an essential skill to have. In NBA 2K23, playing on-ball defence offers you a lot of advantages that computer-controlled defenders cannot provide. In this guide, we'll go over the basics of playing on-ball defence, familiarize you with the controls, and provide you with some top tips to improve your defensive knowledge and gameplay.




One of the benefits of playing on-ball defence is the advantage of positioning. With on-ball defence, you can position yourself to predict and dictate the movements of the ball handler. This allows you to create turnovers and force the opposition into making missed shots. Unlike computer-controlled defenders, who are reactive, you can take a proactive approach to defend the opposition.


Familiarizing with the Controls

Before we go over the top tips for playing on-ball defence, let's familiarize ourselves with the 2K23 controls. To track the ball handler, use the left stick to move in any direction. You can control the speed of your defender by using the left stick. If you want to slow down your defender, hold the stick softly. To get into a defensive stance, hold the left trigger button.


Sprinting Out of Your Stance

If you need to catch up to the ball handler, you'll want to know how to sprint out of your stance. To do this, let go of the left trigger button, move the left stick in the direction you want, and hold the right trigger button to sprint. This transition is easy to master and can save you from getting caught in defensive positions that can result in conceding points.


Guarding the Lines

One of the key skills you need to master while playing on-ball defence is guarding the lines. This means guarding across the free-throw line, depending on which side of the court you're coming from. You'll need to beat your opponent to this spot if they're trying to attack it. If you can beat them to this spot, you'll deny their animation from triggering, which can result in a turnover or a missed shot.


Sprinting to Cut Them Off

If you realize that the ball handler is going to beat you to the animation-triggering spot, it's time to get out of your defensive stance and sprint to cut them off. By knowing the lines that you must guard, you'll be able to tell when it's time to get into sprint mode. If you can catch up to the ball handler, get back into a defensive stance by holding the left trigger button.


Light Jogging

One tip that can help you is to use a light jog to cut off the ball handler. When the ball handler commits to a direction before you cut them off, start a light jog. This helps you to avoid putting your foot on the ground and slowing down when the ball handler changes direction. Aim the left stick slowly in the direction you want to jog.



Mastering the art of on-ball defence in NBA 2K23 can be a game-changer. By positioning yourself effectively, mastering the controls, guarding the lines, and knowing when to sprint, you'll become a formidable defender in no time. Use these tips and tricks to improve your defence and take your game to the next level.

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