2K's Disastrous All-Star Weekend: Why NBA Fans Feel Cheated?

NBA All-Star Weekend is one of the most anticipated events of the year for basketball fans. Every year, the best players compete in the All-Star Game, Rising Stars Challenge, and various skills competitions. This year, however, 2K decided to switch up the usual all-star content, opting to release Super Packs instead of All-Star packs. These Super Packs have incredibly bad odds and cost more than usual All-Star packs.




2K Fans Displeased with Lack of All-Star Packs and Moments Cards

Unsurprisingly, this decision has yet to be well-received by the 2K community. In the past, 2K has always released All-Star packs on the Tuesday following All-Star Weekend, and they've also released Moments cards for the various MVPs of the events. This year, however, they have yet to release any All-Star packs or Moments cards. 


2K's Silence on All-Star Content in MyTeam: Why is it Missing This Year?

To make matters worse, 2K still needs to explain why All-Star content is missing from MyTeam this year. This starkly contrasts with previous years, where 2K released Moments cards and All-Star packs on the same night as the events. This year, however, 2K has been silent and has instead chosen to focus on Super Packs, which have laughably bad odds. 


2K's Disconnection from the Real-Life NBA: All-Star Content and Moments Cards Gone Awry

2K has lost touch with the real-life NBA. Not only have they yet to release any All-Star content, but they've also released Moments cards and Super Packs late. Players such as Zion Williamson, Killian Hayes, and Pascal Siakam have yet to receive their Moments cards, and some players who competed in the All-Star Game have not received any cards. 



Understandably, 2K wants to make money off of microtransactions. Still, it's disappointing that they have chosen to focus on these instead of providing fans with the content they've come to expect from All-Star Weekend. The lack of All-Star content this year has left many fans feeling like they don't matter to 2K and that MyTeam has become nothing more than a money grab. 2K will take note and include All-Star content in the future.

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