How to choose the best auctionable card in NBA 2K23?

Thank you for requesting a detailed guide on how to choose the best auctionable cards in NBA 2K23. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on evaluating the player's stats and position, comparing it to other cards, and considering the price before making a decision. Additionally, we will provide an overview of the top five auctionable cards and a few other cards worth considering.



Step 1: Evaluate the Player's Stats

When selecting an auctionable card in NBA 2K23, the player's stats are the most critical factor. Look at the player's defensive stats, offensive stats, and overall player rating. Consider the badges they have, their size, and their wingspan.

Defensive stats such as block, stealing, and rebounding are essential, as are offensive stats like shooting, speed, and dribbling. Consider the player's overall rating, which combines all the stats to determine how good the player is. Look for players with high ratings and good badges that can impact the game positively.


Step 2: Consider the Position

When selecting an auctionable card, it is crucial to consider the position. Some positions are more valuable than others, and choosing a card that suits the position is important. For example, a center would be more valuable than a point guard. Consider what position you need to fill in your squad and choose a card that suits that position.


Step 3: Compare to Other Cards

It is important to determine the card's value to compare it to other cards within the same position. Consider the other cards' ratings, badges, and stats to determine the best option. Look for a card with good stats and badges that can make a difference. Look at how the card fits in with your team and whether they complement other players on your squad.


Step 4: Consider the Price

Lastly, consider the card's price. Auctionable cards can be expensive, so selecting a card within your budget is important. Look for a card that offers the most value for your coins. Also, think if the player is worth the price you are paying for them. Consider the player's popularity and their demand.


Top 5 Auctionable Cards

  • Dark Matter Kristaps Porzingis - This card is one of the best. He has perfect defensive stats, an eight-foot wingspan, and can move extremely well for a center or power forward. His jump shot is also great, making him a very versatile player. He is easily a top-five auctionable card.
  • Dark Matter LeBron James - LeBron is still one of the best cards, and his animations are fantastic. He has a phenomenal offense and remains one of the best defenders. He is an A-rank card and one of the top five auctionable cards.
  • Dark Matter Dirk Nowitzki - Dirk is still a great power forward and a significant budget center. His jump shot is excellent, and his defensive stats are not bad. He is a high B-tier card and a good choice for those looking for a budget center.
  • Dark Matter Chris Paul - Chris Paul is still one of the best point guards, with great movement and a great jump shot. He's easily an A-grade card and a top-five auctionable card.
  • Dark Matter Dwyane Wade - Dwyane Wade is a highly versatile player and one of the game's most broken and glitchy cards. His jump shot is the best, and his triple-six overall great stats make him an E-tier card and an excellent choice for those looking for an all-around player.



Selecting the best auctionable card in NBA 2K23 can be difficult. It is important to consider the player's stats, defense, shooting, other attributes, position, and price. Comparing and Sniping the cards o those within the same place can also help determine the value. These steps will help you choose the best auctionable card for your team."

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