How to Create Ja Morant's EXACT Build on NBA 2K23 Current & Next Gen?

Welcome, to Ezwtb's guide on making Ja Morant's exact build on NBA 2K23 Current & Next Gen. This guide will break down this build's stats, badges, and other aspects. We will also discuss tips on maximizing your badges and playmaking abilities and advice on the overall build.




RJ Morant's Build: Analyzing Stats Before the Build

Before we get into the build, let's look at some of RJ Morant's stats. His Driving Layup and Driving Dunk are 97, Close Shot is 95, Mid-Range is 86, and Three-Point is 77. His Pass Accuracy and Ball Handle are both 96. His Defense (Perimeter, Interior, and Steal) is 72, 67, and 75, respectively. His Speed and Acceleration are both 95, and his Vertical is 85.


RJ Morant's Build: All the Badges Needed for Ultimate Performance

Now, let's talk about the badges. Morant's build should include Limitless Takeoff, Hall of Fame Fast Twitch, Hall of Fame Acrobat, Fearless Finisher, Giant Slayer, Posterizer, Slithery, and Gold Ankle Breaker. On the shooting side, Morant should have Green Machine, Volume Shooter, Live-Step, and Hot Shot. For their Playmaking abilities, he should have Break Starter, Dimer, Floor General, and Handles for Days. Defensively, he should have Pogo Stick, Chase Down, and Rebound Chaser. Finally, for Speed and Acceleration, Hyperdrive should be included.


RJ Morant's Build: Maximizing Your Badges and Playmaking Abilities at Level 40

Now, let's talk about how to maximize your badges and playmaking abilities. If you hit Level 40 last season, you can double-core these badges and still have 10 badges left over. This is a great way to get your Limitless Range Threes and your Fearless Finisher, Acrobat, Slithery, and Posterizer badges. Additionally, you can opt for Team Rating Boost, Team Takeover Boost, or Team Badge Boost to further improve your player's abilities.


RJ Morant's Build: Optimizing Your Build

Finally, let's discuss some advice on the overall build. If you want to get the most out of your player, you should opt for Blinders as your core badge, as this will give you the best chance at success. You may also want to consider Agent Threes or Dead Eye for your shooting abilities, Space Creator, Catch and Shoot, and Live-Step for your Playmaking abilities.



We hope this guide has helped you create Ja Morant's EXACT build on NBA 2K23 Current & Next Gen. Remember, if you have any questions about the build or other related topics, please reach out on our website or social media channels.

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