How to effectively block the opponent's shot in NBA 2K23?

Are you struggling to block shots in NBA 2K23? Do you want to improve your defense and prevent your opponents from scoring? Look no further! This guide will provide the secret tip to help you block 99% of shots. We have official test data that proves 2K has been lying to us this entire time. Let's get started!



The Block Rating

First, let's talk about the block rating. Many players underestimate its importance, but it plays a crucial role in determining the success of your blocks. Based on official test data, the higher your block rating, the higher your contest. This means that the odds of your opponent making a shot are lowered.

On a hands-up contest, there is only a 7% increase between a 25 to 99 block rating. However, the increase is significant on a jump contest 21%. Even on perimeter jumpshots, a higher block rating (25 to 99) results in a difference of 13.4. Therefore, the block rating is important for both interior and perimeter defense.


Interior Defense

Regarding interior defense, hands-up contests are more important than jump contests. A 25 to 99 block rating results in a 23 difference in a hands-up contest and a 20 difference in a jumping contest. However, the interior defense does help with back-down defense. You for an 85 to 90 interior defense rating. For non-b, if you're biggest, 70 to 75 is a good range. Remember that interior defense correlates with strength, so you want to save time on that rating.


The Importance of Anchor

Now, let's talk about the anchor. Anchor is the king of all regarding block, interior, and defense. You get a silver anchor at 87, gold at 93, and Hall of Fame at 99 blocks. According to official test data, having Hall of Fame and anchor on standing layup results in a 2% make percentage. This is crucial! Anchor not only increases your contest but also takes your opponent out of dunk animations and puts you in better defensive animations when contesting a layup or dunk.

So, what should you focus on when making your builds? The block rating matters more than the interior defense rating, especially when you have an anchor. Aim for 99 blocks or gold anchor with 93 blocks. Keep your interior defense rating at 70 to 75 unless you're big, then aim for 85 to 90. Remember, the anchor is the key to success in blocking shots.



In conclusion, the block rating is crucial for interior and perimeter defense. Interior defense is important for hands-up contests and back-down defense, while the anchor is the king of all. Focus on achieving 99 or gold anchor with 93 blocks for the best results. Keep your interior defense rating at 70 to 75, and you'll block 99% of shots in no time!

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