How to Use the Zach LaVine Hesitation Move in NBA 2K23?

If you want to dominate in NBA 2K23, you must have some killer moves in your arsenal. One move has proven to be extremely effective is the Zach LaVine hesitation move. This move gives you a lightning-fast speed boost and is incredibly easy to execute. In this guide, we'll take you through how to use the Zach LaVine hesitation move to make your build virtually unguardable.




Step 1: Get the Right Dribble Style

Before you can execute the Zach LaVine hesitation move, you must ensure you have the right dribble style equipped. Michael Jordan's dribble style is the most effective for this move. If you can't access this dribble style, choose a similar pro style or something comfortable.


Step 2: Equip the Zach LaVine Hesitation

Once you have the right dribble style equipped, it's time to add the Zach LaVine hesitation to your moveset. This move is available in the game by default, so you won't need to unlock it. Go to your player's move set and add the hesitation to your list of moves.


Step 3: Execute the Move

To execute the Zach LaVine hesitation move, you only need to hold down the R2 button on your controller and flick the stick towards your ball hand. This will trigger the hesitation move and give you a lightning-fast speed boost. You can run straight to the rim or move from there.


Step 4: Practice Makes Perfect

While the Zach LaVine hesitation move is easy to execute, it takes some practice to get it right. Please spend some time in practice mode, experimenting with the move until you can do it smoothly and quickly.


Step 5: Dominate the Court

Once you've mastered the Zach LaVine hesitation move, you'll be virtually unguardable on the court. Use the move to blow by defenders and easily get to the rim. It's a simple, incredibly effective move, and it's sure to become one of your go-to moves when playing NBA 2K23.



The Zach LaVine hesitation move is simple yet extremely effective in NBA 2K23. Following these steps and practising the move, you can make your build virtually unguardable and dominate the court. So go ahead and give it a try, and see for yourself just how effective this move can be!

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