Madden 23 Patch #8 Updates: New X-Factor, Superstar Players, and More

Welcome to the guide for the Madden 23 update that we've all been waiting for! This could be the last update for Madden 23, as we're about to head into the new season. In this guide, we'll discuss the new X-Factor players, the new Superstar players, the fourth and final season of Madden 23 (the Game Changer season), and the gameplay updates that have come with this update.


New X-Factor Players

  • Jamar Chase – Double Me X-Factor, Minion Elite, Mid-Out Elite, Runoff Elite
  • Josh Jacobs – Wrecking Ball X-Factor, Backfield Master, Backlash, Closer
  • Dexter Lawrence – Blitz X-Factor
  • Patrick Certain – Shutdown X-Factor, Outside Shade, Short Route KO, Tip Drill
  • Roquan Smith – Reinforcement X-Factor, Tackle Supreme, Flat Zone KO, Deflator
  • Jair Alexander – Shutdown X-Factor, Outside Shade, Acrobat, Short Route KO


New Superstar Player

  • Saquon Gardner – Acrobat, Inside Shade, Short Route KO


Game Changer Season (Madden 23)

  • New loading screen with John Madden
  • New players, programs, sets
  • Updated auction house and trade block logic
  • Restrictions for Legend Program items
  • Stability and general fixes


Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed user-controlled quarterbacks unable to tackle the ball after a specific ID triggered by the microphone animation.
  • Fixed an issue where RPO alarms and RPO reads played outside certain formations would trigger weak back logically, resulting in multiple pancake blocks across the field.



  • Khalil Mack, Cam Jordan, Aaron Rodgers, Jonathan Taylor, Darius Leonard and Chandler Jones – downgraded from X-Factor to Superstar
  • Ryan Ramchak, Rodney Hudson, Eric Kendricks, Joe Mixon, Russell Wilson, Miles Jack, and Xavien Howard – Dropped from Superstar to Nothing

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This update has significantly changed the game, which may be the year's last update. Whether you're an X-Factor player, Superstars, or MUT fan, this update has something for everyone.

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