NBA 2K23 All Start Showcase Cards: Which Cards are worth investing in?

NBA 2K23 is an exciting game for basketball fans, and the all-star showcase pro base set is just another way for players to get their hands on some of the best cards in the game. The All-Star Showcase class base set has some great cards but there are also some that are not worth buying with MT points. When deciding which cards to use, you can start with this article! This article will cover the all-star showcase pro base set and which cards are worth using. 



Eric Bledsoe: The Best Sapphire Point Guard with 24 Gold Badges

First up is Eric Bledsoe. He has 24 gold badges, good defence, and a solid three-point shot. His driving dunk is also impressive, making him one of the best sapphire point guards in the game. However, his normal dribble and slow pull-up speed make him less useful.


Comparing Brent Barry and Craig Hodges: Which Card is Better for NBA 2K23?

Brent Barry is the next card, with a 6'7" wingspan and 93 OVR. He has a Jordan dribble style but doesn't get good shooting badges, and his release isn't great. This makes him a less-than-ideal card to use. Craig Hodges is the next card, with hot zones everywhere outside the three-point line and 30 interior defence. His upper could be better, too. 


Comparing Shooting Guards and Power Forwards in NBA 2K21

Trey Burke has normal release timing, Rayford Olson's release, and Trey Young's dribble style. He won't be able to shoot, play defense, or dunk. Hubert Davis has a Josh Christopher release, which could be better. He can't dribble or play defense, but he isn't the worst sapphire shooting guard. Rodney Magruder has a Cedric Ceballos release, which is alright. His upper is Jason Preston, which is ugly, but he isn't the worst sapphire power forward. Lastly, Kenny Walker has 90 speed and nine acceleration but can't shoot. He has 14 extra golds but could be better than his All-Star counterpart from NBA 2K20.


Will Barton, Roy Henson, and Nate Robinson: Potential Beasts in the 2K Game

Will Barton is a card that could be good if he had a better dribble style or quick. He has coups on the quake and can't dribble, but he could be the best ruby in the game if he had the right upgrades. Roy Henson is a player that nobody has heard of before 2K, but he has the potential to be a beast. He has a 33-pointer and can play defense, and he was given the default small forward. Nate Robinson is another card with a normal time jumper and the same jumpers as gold. 


The Disappointing Trade of LeBron James and Bob Love's Inability to Shoot

LeBron James has been given a trade, dribble style, 70-driving dunk, and a normal dribble style. This is disappointing, as LeBron is known for his elite dribble style. Furthermore, his card needs more defense, which is a major issue. Bob Love is another card that gamers have been disappointed with. He has a decent defender, but he can't shoot the ball.


5 Fun Players to Use in Basketball Games

Earl Boykins is a 5'9" point guard who can be a lot of fun to use. He has a decent defender and a good release. Brad Doherty is also a decent player, with decent interior defense and a good release. Ron Harper is another player who would be good to use. He has 90 speed, 9 acceleration, and 84 3 balls. Chris Mullin is another great card. He has Kobe Opera on quickly and can be a great player to use defensively. Jordan Dribble Stop Simmons Size Up Free Throw Aldridge Basic Gleener Long Athlete Layup is also a great card, as it gives him many defensive capabilities. 



The All-Star Showcase Pro Base Set has some good cards, such as Eric Bledsoe and Chris Mullin, but also some not-so-great cards, such as Brent Barry and Gilbert Arenas. When deciding which cards to use, it's important to read up on each one, as some cards can provide great value, and others may not be worth the investment.

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