NBA 2K23 Season 5: Unlock Exciting Rewards

The fifth season of NBA 2K23 is here, and it's sure to be an exciting season. There are new rewards to be earned, new parks to explore, and some brand-new dribble moves to add to your arsenal. But the biggest question on everyone's mind is - what are the rewards? Look at the rewards you can expect in Season 5 of NBA 2K23.


Unlock Epic Rewards in NBA 2K23 Season 5: Win Banners, Tokens, and More!

You can receive a Season 5 ball trail, a geometric player indicator, four NBA team green releases, banners, tokens, a Hawaiian shirt, and an arm sleeve at level one. At level seven, you can get Mopac Cargo shorts. Level twenty earns you a new hairstyle; at level twenty-five, you can get the Dash shoes from NBA 2K23.

Level thirty brings an animated racing suit, fifteen Gatorade boosts, banners, a Season 5 suit, extra badge points and the turbo-powered pocket bike at level forty. While there is a tropical theme to the rewards, unfortunately, there is no mascot reward for this season. 

The parks have new designs this season, with the Beast and Vipers coming out on top. The Wildcat, Vipers and Knights parks all have a tropical theme, with the Knights having a pink and black design. 


The new dribble moves include:

  • The Jealousy Gray dribble style.
  • Mike Bibby's signature size.
  • Chris Paul's escape packages.
  • Luka Doncic's moving crossovers.
  • A moving spin bag.
  • A new triple-threat style featuring LeBron James. 


The season quest has a 3v3 challenge, city legend, wreck monster, and 2v2 standout. The theatre also has 1v1 and 3v3 double announcing winners to earn double XP. Losers get zero, and 4v4 and 3v3 get no squad. 

Finally, Prize Picks is a daily sports fantasy app that allows you to test your NBA knowledge and earn rewards, and if you sign up with Prize Picks using the link in the description, you can get your first deposit matched up to a hundred dollars. 



Overall, Season 5 of NBA 2K23 is sure to be an exciting one. With new rewards, parks and dribble moves, events, prizes and more, plenty will keep you entertained this season. So make sure to check it out and get grinding!

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