NBA 2K23 Season 6 Patch Notes: What You Need to Know

NBA 2K23 Season 6 is launching on Friday, April 7th, and the official patch notes have been released. The upcoming season brings with it some exciting updates and changes, which we will discuss in this guide.



Uniform Updates

The San Antonio Spurs uniform now features the RM stripe to honour former owner Red McCombs, while the New York Knicks uniform now has the 19 striping to honour Willis Reed. The number colour on the Los Angeles Lakers alternate uniform has been corrected. Sacramento Kings fans An issue that caused some fans to have the incorrect team logo printed on the back of their jerseys has been resolved.


Likeness, Jersey, and Cup Updates

The game has received some likeness updates, as well as jersey and cup updates.


Gameplay Changes

Most important in the gameplay is the fix that allows players to double-dribble after fakes in 1V1 games without being called a foul. This problem had been present since the game's launch and has now been resolved.


MyCareer Updates

The MyCareer mode has seen a few updates to enhance the overall experience. Performance and stability have been improved in the city, and an issue that caused losing teams to become stuck in the event center when an event ends has been fixed. The requirements to play games on Dreamer Park courts have been clarified to ensure all players can access them. The commentary language option can now also be adjusted from within MyCareer mode. Also, favourite outfits and items won't show up at the end of your inventory list.



MyTeam, MyNBA Online, MyNBA Offline, and the W Improvements

Improvements and fixes have been made to these game modes to enhance the overall experience.


Launch Date and Discord Link

NBA 2K23 Season 6 will launch on Friday, April 7th, at 11 am Eastern Time. If you're looking to join a game with the 2K community, make sure to join Discord, the link to which is in the description.



NBA 2K23 Season 6 brings with it some exciting updates and changes, including fixes to issues that have been present since the game's launch. Whether you're a fan of MyCareer, MyTeam, MyNBA, MyNBA Online, or the W, you're sure to enjoy the improved gameplay and overall experience. Learn about the updated content of Season 6, and be fully prepared to face new challenges!

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