Ranking the 12 Radiant Cards in NBA 2K23: From Worst to Best

NBA 2K23 is the newest installment of the popular NBA 2K franchise and is packed with various cards for players to choose from. This time, the game features 12 Radiant cards for players in Season 5. In this article, we will be ranking all 12 cards from worst to best. See which cards are worth spending MT 2K23 Coins to buy them!


Top 12. Rajon Rondo

Starting at the bottom, the worst of the bunch is Rajon Rondo. This card has a 6,000 MT (MyTEAM) price tag and is incredibly overpriced. Rondo's stats could be better, with only 57 interiors and barely any boosts to boost his interior. He has decent dribbling and defense but needs to be more significant to be effective in-game.


Top 11. Allen Iverson

Coming in at number 11 on the list is Allen Iverson. While Iverson can be fun to play with, his card needs to be better cut. He has decent stats but needs to stand out in any particular area. He is also quite expensive for his stats, costing around 40,000 MT.


Top 10. Bobby Portis JR.

At number 10, we have Bobby Portis. Portis is a decent player and a decent shooter, but his defense is mediocre. He has 27 golds and a lot of good badges but needs more speed and dribbling to stand out. He is a good value for his cost, though, at around 10,000 MT.


Top 9. Nicolas Batum

Number 9 on the list is Nick The Tomb. While Nick was one of the best cards in 2K21, his card in 2K23 could have been better. He still has decent stats, but his release could be better. He has decent defensive badges but lacks the dribbling and shooting to make a difference.


Top 8. Joe Johnson

Next up at number 8 is Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is a card that looks good on paper, but his release is so slow that it drags down his effectiveness in-game. He has all the offensive stats you could ask for, but his defense is mediocre. His size up and lateral speed also need to be improved.


Top 7. Mike D'Antoni

At number 7, we have Mike D'Antoni. D'Antoni is an excellent Steph Curry base, but his defense is mediocre. His interior is also quite low for a point guard, at only 92. He has 15 hops, but his lateral speed is only 97. He does have some nice shooting badges, though, so he can be effective from range.


Top 6. Pascal Siakam

Number 6 on the list is Pascal Siakam. Siakam is a great card, but his release is so polarizing that it can be a deal-breaker for some players. He has great defensive stats and badges, and his shooting range is also good. He is expensive at around 45,000 MT. 


Top 5. Christian Wood

Coming in at number 5 is Christian Wood. Wood is an incredibly cheap card at only 10,000 MT, and he can be a great stretch four. He has a great Jordan dribble move, a great defensive stance, and a powerful finisher. He has good range and decent defense, but his block is quite low.


Top 4. Mikal Bridges

Number 4 on the list is Mikal Bridges. Bridges is a beast of a card, with an immaculate release and great defensive stats. His block is low, but he has 15 hops and a Hall of Fame Anchor. He is also quite cheap at around 35,000 MT. 


Top 3. Deni Avdija

At number 3, we have Deni Avdija. Avdija is a great shooting guard, with 97/97 shooting stats. His only flaw is his inability to hold range, but he makes up for it with good dunking and defense. He has some nice badges, and his lateral speed leaves something to be desired.


Top 2. Tracy McGrady

Number 2 on the list is Tracy McGrady. McGrady is the perfect small forward, with perfect stats and badges. He has a park jump shot and can dribble better than most point guards. He is expensive at around 600,000 MT but well worth it.


Top 1. David Robinson

Finally, at number 1 on the list is David Robinson. Robinson is a 7-foot-1 behemoth, and he can do it all. He has perfect stats and badges and can dribble, shoot and defend. He is also quite cheap at around 600,000 MT. 



That's it for ranking all 12 Radiant cards from worst to best in NBA 2K23. Check out the game and see which cards cut your team!

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