Top 3 Proven JumpShots to Improve Your Timing in NBA 2K23

If you want to take your game to the next level, mastering a reliable jumpshot is necessary for NBA 2K23. Every top player is using one of these 3 jump shots, and they've been proven to be the most effective and consistent. Here, we'll go over the base, upper release, and the timing of each jumpshot.




Mastering the Timing of Your Jump Shot

First and foremost, make sure your meter is off. Your meter is like training wheels for a bike; it's a helpful tool while you're learning, but it won't give you the fullest effect. With the meter on, shots can glitch and give you a bad release, affecting your accuracy. Once you've mastered the timing of your jump shot, you can take the training wheels off and start shooting consistently.


How to Perfect Your Jump Shot Timing for Maximum Effectiveness?

The timing of your jump shot is also important. The release time won't affect the animation of your jump shot, so you're free to set it to whatever is most comfortable for you. Please set it to A+ or Very Late; this will give you a slower fill-up but won't necessarily make your jump shot slower.


3 Top Meta Jump Shots

  • Top 1. The first jump shot is the Base 98. This is jump shot 11, jump shot 38, and it's the most popular meta jump shot right now. Many people don't like it because it's slow, but it has the most accessible green window to feel out. Don't look at the feet or hands; the best players know their jump shot by heart and have muscle memory for it. The more you practice, the more you'll get a feel for it; eventually, you'll be able to green it every time.
  • Top 2. The second jump shot is the O'Shea Percent. This one is great for bigs because you can get it on digs. It's a little bit faster than the Base 98, so many people like to use it because of the slight difference in speed.
  • Top 3. The third jump shot is the Kyle Kuzma Base. This is the fastest out of all the meta jump shots, but it can be hard to time because of how fast it is. It's best for spot-ups and wrecking, and guards also like it.



These are top 3 jump shots that all the top players use. If you take the time to learn your jump shot, you can shoot it consistently. The best way to do this is to experiment with the setup and learn where the green window is. Once you have it, you can green every shot you take. 

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