Top 5 Changes Fans Want to See in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 is in development, and fans eagerly await its release. As the game's release date draws closer, fans hope the developers will make some changes to the game to make it even better. Here are the top five changes that 2K should make to NBA 2K24 to make it a great game:



Lower VC Costs

VC is a virtual currency in NBA 2K that players use to buy upgrades and items for their characters. The cost of NBA VC has been increasing over the years, which has made it difficult for players to enjoy the game fully. Lowering the VC cost will make it easier for players to make more player builds and play the game more often. It will also reduce the pay-to-win model that the game currently employs.


Gameplay-Related Level 40 Rewards

NBA 2K has a season-based game structure, and players must reach level 40 to receive rewards. However, some players are not happy with the level 40 rewards, which has led to a decline in the game's popularity. NBA 2K24 should introduce gameplay-related level 40 rewards that will make the game more exciting and rewarding for players.


Visual Representation of Set Boosts

NBA 2K has set boosts that players can acquire, such as gym rat, which gives a plus four to physicals. However, the game needs a visual representation of these boosts, which has led to confusion among players. NBA 2K24 should introduce a visual representation of these boosts to make it easier for players to understand how they benefit from them.


Improved Matchmaking

Matchmaking is essential to any online game, and 2K24 needs to improve its matchmaking system. The current matchmaking system in NBA 2K could be more effective, which leads to players facing opponents that are either too easy or too difficult to beat. NBA 2K24 should introduce a more efficient matchmaking system to make the game more competitive and enjoyable for players.


Improved AI

The AI in NBA 2K must be improved to make the game more realistic and challenging. Currently, the AI is too predictable, which makes the game too easy to beat. NBA 2K24 should introduce a more difficult and realistic AI to make the game more exciting and fun for players.



NBA 2K24 has the potential to be a great game if 2K addresses these five issues. Lowering VC costs, introducing gameplay-related level 40 rewards, visual representation of set boosts, improving matchmaking, and improving AI will make the game more enjoyable and competitive for players. These changes will help 2K retain and attract more players to the game, making NBA 2K24 the best in the NBA 2K series yet.

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