What to Expect in 2K24: Dedicated Parks, Cross-Platform Play, and More!

NBA 2K24 is the upcoming instalment of the popular basketball series from 2K Sports. With each edition of the game, 2K strives to make improvements and changes to the game that make it more enjoyable. This year, 2K has already revealed some changes they plan to make, such as returning to dedicated parks instead of the city concept, introducing cross-platform gameplay, and revamping the marketplace. But what else can we expect to see in 2K24? 




The Benefits of Dedicated Parks

Navigation becomes easier and can find opponents easier. In addition, specialized parks will have a ranking, you can track your performance and compare it with friends and get good rewards.


Revolutionizing Competitive Play

Cross-platform gameplay is another major addition to 2K24. This will allow players on different platforms to play against each other, revolutionizing how we play the game. This could also lead to more competitive play for those who want to take it to the next level. 


Experience Enhanced and Marketplace Revamp

2K Sports has also said they will revamp the marketplace in 2K24. This means that there will be more customization options for your players, as well as giving you more ways to earn in-game currency. This could also lead to more ways for players to interact with the game and make it feel more real. 


Rookie to Legend Mode

In addition to these changes, 2K24 could bring back a few features from past games. This includes the return of the Rookie to Legend mode, a fan favourite in 2K22. This mode will allow players to start from the bottom and up to the top. 


Enhancing the 2K24 Experience

Finally, 2K24 could also see the addition of a proximity chat. This feature would allow players to communicate with each other in-game, which could make it easier to coordinate strategies and make the game more exciting. 



2K24 could be an exciting instalment in the 2K basketball series. With the return of dedicated parks, cross-platform gameplay, revamping of the marketplace, Rookie to Legend mode, and the possible addition of a proximity chat, 2K24 could be the most exciting edition of the series. We can’t wait to see what else 2K has in store for us when the game is released.

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