Can the BEST Junior Team Defeat the WORST NHL Team?

This guide will discuss whether the BEST Junior Team, the Winnipeg Ice, can beat the WORST NHL team. We will look at the current roster of the Winnipeg Ice team and compare it to the current roster of the Chicago Blackhawks, the NHL team that can best be compared to the Winnipeg Ice. We will also discuss what improvements can be made to the Winnipeg Ice team and the steps necessary for them to have a chance at winning a playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks.



Comparing the Teams

The Winnipeg Ice team comprises some great forwards, Matthew, Savoy, Connor, Geek and Zach Benson, and a strong defensive core led by Carson Lambos. However, these players are different from the talent of a typical NHL team. Chicago's roster is led by their number one center, Kuroshev, and their goalie, Pina Mirazic. They also have Seth Jones on defense and are a formidable opponent.


Improving the Team

They need to improve to give the Winnipeg Ice team a better chance of beating the Chicago Blackhawks. The first improvement is to add a top junior player to the team each season. After adding one such player, they can compete with the Chicago Blackhawks.


Game Play

The series between the Winnipeg Ice and the Chicago Blackhawks is a seven-game series. Winnipeg's Zack Benson scores the overtime winner in the first game to give them a 1-0 series lead. However, Chicago is quick to respond and even the series in game two. In game three, Lucas Reichel scores the overtime winner for Chicago, and they take a 3-0 series lead. However, Winnipeg can battle back and win game four in overtime.

In game five, Chicago dominates and is one game away from winning the Stanley Cup. But Winnipeg is not ready to give up yet, and Armstrong scores the game-winner with 16 seconds remaining. This gives Winnipeg new life, and they can win game six with a shutout.


The Final Game

The series comes down to a deciding game seven. Chicago takes game one, but Winnipeg can win game two. In game three, Tyler Johnson scores the greasiest goal of the series and keeps Chicago in the series. However, Winnipeg cannot complete the comeback, and Chicago wins the series with a 5-1 victory in game seven.



While it is possible for the BEST Junior Team to beat the WORST NHL team, it would take a lot of hard work and the addition of top junior players to make it happen. The Winnipeg Ice team was able to make it to a deciding game seven but ultimately couldn't win the series against the Chicago Blackhawks. With the right improvements and hard work, the Winnipeg Ice team could become a formidable opponent to any NHL team.

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