HUT 23 TOTS: Pros, Cons, and How to Build Your Winning Team?

NHL 23 Team of the Season (TOTS) has been highly anticipated by fans and gamers alike. This year, the cards that have MSPs (Master Set Players) are easily upgradeable, and trade-in sets are very attainable, making it easier than ever to build a TOTY team. However, there are also some downsides to the season, including unimpressive card art, some repetitive abilities, and low overall ratings for some NHL players.



Pros of the Team of the Season

One of the biggest pros of the TOTY is the ease of upgrading MSP cards. Gamers can acquire collectibles by completing challenges and sets, allowing them to quickly upgrade their cards to higher overalls. Additionally, trade-in sets are readily available, meaning that gamers can acquire TOTY players without spending a lot of money on packs.

Another advantage of the TOTY is the variety of players included in the season. With players from different teams represented, gamers can build diverse teams and experiment with different play styles.


Cons of the Team of the Season

One of the biggest complaints about this year's TOTY is the card art. Many gamers find the art unimpressive and lackluster compared to previous seasons. Additionally, some of the abilities on the cards are repetitive, with many cards featuring the Unstoppable Force ability.

Another downside of the TOTY is the delivery of the cards. This year, the TOTY was released as a set of random cards, rather than a full team. This has disappointed many fans who were looking forward to building an entire TOTY team.

Lastly, some of the overall ratings for NHL players seem low, with some players only having an overall rating of 93. This has caused frustration among fans who feel that some players have been overlooked.


Building Your Own Team

Building your own TOTY team can be a fun and rewarding experience. Starting with a strong base player, such as McDavid, gamers can then acquire other strong players through trading, completing challenges, or spending NHL23 coins. The key is to build a balanced team that covers all areas of the ice.

For example, our team started with a Team of the Year McDavid, but ultimately decided to switch back to the Team of the Year card due to personal preference. We then used coins to buy Adam Fox, and managed to work our way up to 300-400k coins. We also acquired Quinn Hughes, Tyler Myers, and Dry Saddle to create a stacked team that has seen great results in Squad Battles.



The Hockey Ultimate Team's Team of the Season has its pros and cons. While the season offers easily upgradeable cards and trade-in sets, the card art is unimpressive and some players have lower than expected overalls. However, building your own team can be a rewarding experience, and with the right balance of players, gamers can see positive results in Squad Battles. We hope this guide has provided insight into the TOTY and has helped you build your own winning team. 

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