How to Build a Powerful Lineup with TOTS Cards in NHL 23?

NHL 23 Team of the Season cards have arrived, and they are packed with powerful players and abilities that can help you build a competitive lineup. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the community vote winners and the Team of the Season cards, as well as the sets and trade-in options available for each card.



Community Vote Winners

The community vote winners include 96 overall Prime Time cards for Dawson, Mercer, and more Prime Times, 95 Clutch Moment Pederson, and other community-requested cards. However, the first five minutes of the pack release experienced some technical issues, with 12K coins missing from some players. If you were affected, be sure to contact customer support for assistance.


Team of the Season Cards

NHL 23 Team of the Season cards are incredibly powerful and feature some of the best players. The 95 overall Team of the Season Kale Makar, Austin Matthews, Dylan Larkin, Victor Hedman, Alex Ovechkin, Zibi, and Matthew Baldy are among the most sought-after cards.

Sarah Nurse, the five-foot-eight, 148-pound forward from the Women's International Team, also received a Team of the Season card, making it a historic moment for the game.


Sets and Trade-In Options

The sets for each card are based on the card's overall rating, where cards 91 overall or higher can be traded in for four Event Collectibles. The Week 4 Choice Pack requires 35 Collectibles, and it is likely to be the last Choice Pack of the Team of the Season. Therefore, make sure you save enough Collectibles from getting the pack before it's gone.

If you want to build the best lineup, you should focus on trading in the higher overall cards for the Event Collectibles to get the Week 4 Choice Pack.

Kale Makar and Alex Ovechkin have an Elite Edges X Factor, while Sarah Nurse has an Unstoppable Force X Factor. Austin Matthews, Dylan Larkin, Victor Hedman, and Zibi all have at least one Zone Ability, which gives them an edge.

In addition, Matt Boldy has a Next Gen MSP, which makes it easier to complete his Team of the Season set. Austin Matthews and Dylan Larkin can both be traded in for their Team of the Year and Team of the Season cards or their X-Factors with seven Collectibles.

Lastly, Sarah Nurse can be traded in for her 94 overall X Factor with 14 Collectibles, while Zibi can be traded in for his 95 overall X Factor with seven Collectibles.



In summary, the NHL Team of the Season cards are some of the most powerful and sought-after cards. With the sets and trade-in options available, any player can build a competitive lineup. Be sure to focus on the higher overall cards to get the most out of your Collectibles and take advantage of the powerful X Factors and abilities to gain an edge over your opponents.

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