2 New Cards Sidney Crosby and Brayden Point Guide in NHL 23 HUT TOTS

The NHL 23 HUT Team of the Season is in full swing, and with it comes two new players to examine: Sidney Crosby and Brayden Point. These players offer significant upgrades to your Team, and we will cover their newest cards, the Team of the season upgrades they offer, and the new Prime Time players added in.




Sidney Crosby (TOTS 95 Overall Card)

Sidney Crosby is a top-tier player in NHL 23 HUT. His 95 Overall Team of the Season card is a workhorse in the middle synergy slot, featuring Wingman and Buzzing/Distributor as his final slot. Crosby has three skating synergies, meaning he can get up to a maxed 96 speed, 95 acceleration, and mid-90s shooting. He also has Gold Closed Quarters, Silver Skilled Up, Beauty Backhand, Tape-to-Tape, Elite Edges, and Unstoppable 4 Force.

Crosby's X-Factor has Unstoppable Force and Elite Edges, making him an incredibly useful card at the start of the year. He was able to have a significant advantage over other cards with this combination. If you have held onto his X-Factor, you can trade him in for a free 99 card. To do this, you should go to the Team of the Season Sets and scroll over to the North American ones. You can then complete the one-to-one trade-in for the 99 Brian Point card.


Brayden Point (TOTS 96 Overall Card)

Next, we have Brayden Point, whose 96 Overall card is incredibly fun to use. He has Gold Quick Draw, Big Tipper, Tape-to-Tape, and Truckulance. Boyle's Center/Magician and Fly the Zone synergies make him an excellent centerman, with maxed-out strength and body checking, 99 face-offs, 99 defensive awareness, and 99 shot power. He also has a 94 speed on a 6'6 245 body, making him an extremely impactful player.

Boyle's Team of the Season upgrade is one of the best centerman cards in the game. It features Gold Unstoppable Force and 95 speed, 94 acceleration. If you have his 96 cards, you should definitely take advantage of this upgrade.


Additional card options for Upgrades to Your Team

The other Prime Time players added in are Mikko Rantanen and Eric Carlson, who are both 95 Overall. Rantanen has Wing Mid, 93 speed, 91 acceleration, and brutal abilities, while Carlson has 95 speed, 95 acceleration, 99 agility, 92 body checking, and 99 defensive awareness, along with Gold Truculence. Both players offer significant upgrades to your Team, and they are definitely worth considering.

Lastly, we have Jason Robertson, whose 95 Overall cards are unfortunately let down by his slow speed. His abilities are maxed out, but his speed is only at 92 acceleration and 92 speed. His Team of the Season card is a bit better, but even with three skating synergies, he still has 92 acceleration and 92 speed. Next year EA will give Robertson a bit of a boost.



Remember, if you are close to finishing your Team Builder, be sure to rush it to completion, as the 98 Overall Team Builder cards may be coming out soon. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates and content for the NHL 23 HUT Team of the Season!

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