NHL 23: 10 New TOTS Cards and Important Team Updates

Welcome to our guide on the 10 new TOTS cards and important Team of the Season (TOTS) info for NHL 23! This is an exciting time as new TOTS cards have been released, and a Team of the Week is due to arrive tomorrow. We will cover the 10 new TOTS cards, why you should wait to open packs, and the new seasonal objectives and rewards. 




10 New TOTS Cards

The 10 new TOTS cards include Stu's, Love Bedard. You May Dull in Power, Ottinger, Phillips, Affiliate, Casper, and Wyatt Johnston. These cards are all fantastic, with various synergies and stats. Stu's Love Bedard and You May Dull in Power are rated at 99 and will be incredibly powerful additions to any team. Ottinger and Phillips are both solid cards, and Casper and Wyatt Johnston are two players to look out for in the future. 


Why You Should Wait to Open Packs

It is better to wait to open packs until tomorrow when your Rrivals Rewards, Champs Rewards, and GWC Rewards come out. This is because tomorrow will bring even more TOTS cards, including Team of the Week cards. If you open your packs today, you will miss the new cards arriving tomorrow. 


New Seasonal Objectives and Rewards

The new seasonal objectives and rewards have been updated for the Spring season. You can trade in all of your Winter rewards for 48 coins for a Power Up Icon, 36 coins for an X Factor, 56 coins for an 86 or better Guaranteed Player Pack, 32 coins for an 85 Guaranteed Pack, 29 coins for a Power Up Collectible, and 28 coins for a Jumbo Elite Pack. 

You can also trade-in for a Guaranteed 84 Pack for 22 coins, an 83-85 Pack for 20 coins, a Mega Pack for 20 coins, an 84 Overall Choice Pack for 16 coins, a Premium Player Pack for 12 coins, an 83 Overall Choice Pack for 8 coins, an 80-82 Pack for 5 coins, a Premium Two Pack for 4 coins, and a 50 Pack for 3 coins. 



This is an exciting time for NHL 23 players as new TOTS cards have been released, and a Team of the Week is due tomorrow. Make sure to wait to open your packs until tomorrow to take advantage of the new cards! Check out our guide for more information on the new seasonal objectives and rewards. 

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