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NHL 23 Community Team of the Season update has been announced, and it's an exciting time for NHL 23 players. This update will determine the top players in the vote for four North American players, four European players, the top overseas European league player, two young stars, and the top women's player. In this guide article, we'll break down the details of the update and what it means for the future of the game.



North American Players

At the top of the North American list is Kale Makar, followed closely by Eric Carlson. Austin Matthews and Dylan Larkin round out the top four, and Steven Stamkos is last on the list. If you have the X Factor cards of players likely to get Team of the Season cards, it's best to hold onto them as they'll be cheaper to upgrade than if you were to buy them.


European Players

In Europe, Alex Ovechkin tops the list, followed by Victor Hedman, Mural Highskin, and Mika Zabinajad. Hampus Lindholm is last on the list. If Ovechkin gets Team of the Season, he'll be one of the best right-wingers.

Young Stars Martin Age 350 and Matias Mitchel are the two young stars on the list, and both have had great years and could get Team of the Season cards.

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Top Women's Player

Finally, Pava Minchikov has had a great season and is the top women's player on the list.


NHL 23 World Championship

It's essential to note that the NHL 23 World Championship is starting this weekend, which means these cards will be very expensive if you have them tradable or want to get them. Keep an eye out for the results of the vote, and use your vote to make the best Team of the Season possible.



The NHL 23 Community Team of the Season update is a great way for players to get Team of the Season cards at discounted prices and give some of the more popular players their deserved recognition. It's also a great way to get some of the younger players more recognition and give them a chance to shine. Remember to use your vote wisely and keep an eye out for the results of the vote. 

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